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The very best last-minute stocking fillers for Christmas 2019

By LLM Reporters on 18th December 2019

With Christmas just around the corner, you’ll surely still have a few things to tick off the to-do list before you can focus on the festivities. As packed as the larder may be, there are always some fresh food items that need to be picked up closer to the time, while there will, no doubt, be some outstanding gifts to source. While you may have sorted the ‘big present’ for those special people in your life (they’ve usually dropped enough hints about it by the end of November), the smaller, but no less significant gifts will need to be completed.

The festive season wouldn’t be what it is without the stocking fillers, after all – they’re the surprise gifts that make the morning of December 25th really special. If you’re struggling for ideas, then read on for some last-minute luxury stocking filler ideas that will really be appreciated come Christmas morning.

For him: leather gloves

Men's Fur Lined Deerskin Gloves
Treat the man in your life with a quality pair of leather gloves from the likes of Pickett London (

Perhaps the important man, or men, in your life already have a pair of gloves – it’s December, after all, and it’s already cold out there, but what they may not have is a truly stylish pair that really feel rather special too. If you’re looking for a gift that will make their eyes light up on the morning of Christmas Day, then a pair of leather gloves will delight any man. They’re classy, long-lasting and practical, and they never go out of style.

Make it more special by: Selecting a pair that is touchscreen-friendly – some of his other gifts are bound to be gadgets or devices.

For her: vintage jewellery

The jewels of yesteryear make for charming Christmas gift ideas for vintage aficionados

Jewellery might be a fairly well-trodden path for gifts, but there is a reason for that. A well-chosen item or trinket can take the breath away, with rings and necklaces being the type of gift that will always be special to the lucky person who receives them. These pieces aren’t just something beautiful in themselves either, the ideal vintage earrings or the perfect gemstone brooch can highlight a person’s best features and become a signature piece.

Make it more special by: Choosing an item or pair that is adorned with their birthstone – giving the gift an extra personal touch.

For the kids: wireless ear buds

The Cowin KY03 wirless earbuds would make the perfect gift for the techie in your life (

There’s a decent chance that the younger members of your family will already have received a gift of one or more items that play music – most likely a phone. That means they will also have received earphones, and anyone who has used earphones knows about the frustration that they can bring. That’s why a pair of wireless ear buds makes so much sense as an additional gift; there are no dangling wires, nothing to get hooked on door handles or clothing, and they look smart too.

Make it more special by: Colour-coding the gift to the recipient by choosing their favourite colour.