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Unique first date ideas that guarantee it won’t be your last

Most of us want to meet that someone special at some point in our lives – but what happens if it doesn’t go quite as you’d planned? If you’ve been waiting around and it just hasn’t happened yet, then you’re not alone; many of us go through countless first dates before finding the right one.

Whether it’s with someone you’ve known for a while and already really like, or someone you just matched with on Tinder a few minutes ago, first dates can be a nail-biting experience, and making the right first impression is of the utmost importance for those looking for lasting love. So, rather than settling for the classic choice of dinner and a movie, why not push the boat out, up the ante and arrange a date that will really impress? Whether or not they’re the right one, it’s a great way to find out.

Everyone likes to feel special, and a first liaison is a great chance to set things off on the right foot. A touch of luxury and a good injection of personality are the key ingredients to a great date, making for a memorable experience that will stay with you both for all the right reasons – and hopefully lead to a second date, too.

Stuck for ideas? Why not try one of these unique suggestions to really sweep them off their feet?

Spa Date

Everyone loves to be pampered – that’s an outright fact. So if you really want to impress your date from the off, then there’s no better choice than a spa day. Luxurious and relaxing, it’s a great way to put you both at ease, ensuring that the conversation flows without any of those awkward silences.

Some of the world’s best spas offer day packages for couples that include several treatments, use of the facilities and lunch for very reasonable prices – so if you really want to spend some quality time together, then it’s the perfect choice. And, if the person you’re meeting turns out not to be quite right for you? Well, at least you both got a blissful day out of it.

Casino Night

If your spa date is going absolutely swimmingly, you might want to consider doubling down and taking the date upstairs… and into the hotel’s casino. A great choice for thrill-seekers, a night at the roulette table can make for an action-packed and exciting date – and you never know, you might even come out of it with a little extra cash in your wallet, too.

Games like Blackjack, Craps and Roulette are all great choices for novices, and offer a great chance to team up with your date and get to know each other better. Plus, if you really want to impress, you can always practice online beforehand and brush up on some of the rules.

Beginner’s luck? Of course!

Art Gallery

A great choice for the cultured couple, a trip to an art gallery or to see an exciting exhibition is certain to impress – especially if you’ve done your homework. If you happen to know which artists your date likes, then it’s a great chance to show them how much attention you’ve been paying and make sure they feel important.

If you’ve got little to go on, then start by researching the galleries in your area to find out about upcoming events. Many of them will even offer free entry, with fine wine, cheeses and hors d’oeuvre thrown in – a great evening out, and an educational one, at that. If you’re a painting or sculpture buff yourself, then it’s the perfect opportunity to show off your knowledge of art, too – always a bonus when the goal is to impress.

If you really want to take the date to the next level, you can always pretend you are Mr. and Mrs. Pennypacker, heirs of the Pennypacker Copper fortune – and are attending the gallery in search of the perfect living room centerpiece for your summer home in the Swiss Alps.

Wine Tasting

For those who appreciate a fine wine, an evening of tasting the very best the world has to offer is the perfect way to while away an evening.

Whether you’re lucky enough to live close to a wine country, or you simply find an event your city, it’s a great chance to relax, unwind, and truly get to know one another – and by sampling different types of wines and attempting to appreciate all the subtle nuances and of their smell and flavours, you’ll learn something, too. Listening to the sommelier talk about the background of every wine can end up being a show on its own, making for a memorable evening you’ll be talking about well into the second date.

A sophisticated and classy date choice, it is guaranteed to impress – just be sure not to get too carried away with drinking the wines, or you could end up looking more of a mess!

Go to the Opera

Another cultural choice, an evening at the opera makes for an opulent and sophisticated evening out – and one that’s sure to leave a lasting impression for all the right reasons.
Nobody can deny the raw power and emotion in the singers’ voices and performance, and with themes usually dealing with unconditional and tragic love, a great Opera can certainly set the mood for a romantic evening.

Not only does a night at the Opera allow you to dress up in your fanciest clothes – always fun and romantic – but its combination of music, storytelling and theatricals makes for an unusual and thrilling evening that will remain etched in your memories for time to come – no matter the outcome of your date.

Take a Dinner Cruise

Whilst dinner is a classic date choice, it doesn’t have to be unoriginal or boring, and if you happen to live in a city surrounded by rivers, lakes or the ocean, then why not seek out a romantic dinner cruise for your first date? Sailing in the dark, moonlit waters whilst enjoying a delicious meal sets the scene for an atmospheric few hours together, giving you the chance to admire the city from a completely different point of view and providing a beautiful and intimate setting in which to get to know each other.

While some people might worry about joining someone they’ve just met on a boat because of the implication, a dinner cruise is a very public venue – and therefore makes a perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening in a beautiful and perfectly safe setting.

Go to a Jazz Club

Going to a Jazz club always makes for an interesting date, particularly as it’s nearly impossible to know what to expect. The very nature of jazz means there will be plenty of jamming and grooving going on all evening, as fantastic classically trained musicians decide to take the audience on a musical exploration that will keep you entertained right to the very end.

Usually small and cosy venues, jazz clubs are not just classy venues, but intimate ones, too – where you can really lose yourself in the music and enjoy your own private bubble. Exciting, unexpected and full of fun, it’s a first date choice that is more than likely to get you a second!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you really want to blow them away with something truly unique, then why not take to the skies on an extravagant hot air balloon ride? Offering spectacular views of the landscape below, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a completely private date that really has that wow factor – soaring through the skies surrounded by only clouds, moonlight and the glow of the city lights.

Showing them a new perspective on the world is something they won’t forget in a hurry, so if you want to be remembered for all the right reasons, then it’s a great way to go. For extra points, take a picnic basket with you filled with champagne, cheese and perhaps even some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. By the time the date is over, your guest is sure to be on cloud nine!