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Ways to give back in a post Covid world

By LLM Reporters  |  May 5, 2021

The past year or so has been a struggle for so many people – the lack of social interaction, job loss, and for some the loss of a loved one or direct personal struggle with Covid. If you have been lucky enough to escape the above or the mental health issues that have affected so many, then you may well consider yourself one of the lucky ones. And though the numbers in the UK have now fallen drastically, there is no doubt that the pandemic will leave a lasting effect on many people.

If you feel that you are in a fortunate position and you are looking for ways to help and give back in this – relatively – post-Covid world then we may have some handy hints for you. From giving your time to local projects to raising awareness and funds to national or international causes, below are some ways in which you can make a difference.

Whether you offer up time, take part in a challenge, use your expertise or donate or sponsor, there are many ways to help

What is important to you?

When deciding where best to direct your attention, you should consider which issues are the most pressing for you. Is it a local issue or something more urgent internationally that is vying for your attention? Where would you like to see real change happen? What do you feel passionately about and what do you wish would change? Focusing your attention on the matters that you would like to see a difference in or helping out with a cause that is close to your heart is always a good place to start.

How can you help?

There are plenty of ways in which you can give back, and this depends on what you are able to give and also what the cause you have chosen actually needs. Charities need funds, but also equally rely on awareness raised about the topic and time that a person is able to spare in whatever way is needed. Perhaps you have a set of skills that you could offer up, contacts that could be useful, advice you can give, money you can spare for sponsorship or a one-off donation, or maybe you are looking to volunteer in a number of ways – think about what you can offer and work out how this works for your chosen cause.  

There are just over 1,800 giant pandas left in the wild – you may wish to sponsor an animal.

Ways to give back

Fund a local playground

Whether you have children or not, finding ways to help out a local cause is a great way to give back and funding a local playground is sure to put a smile on the faces of many children. Perhaps there’s an existing playground in your locale that needs a facelift with some new equipment and playground markings or maybe there’s a need for a brand-new offering, often budgeting issues can get in the way.

So, how can you help? According to Sovereign Early Years, manufacturers and installers of early years playground equipment, it takes a firm plan, a realistic budget and plenty of local help to achieve the goal. Do you know any local investors, or would you be willing to invest yourself? There are a variety of ways in which you could help with fundraising, whether its contacting the local council, applying for grants, arranging fundraising events or gaining local sponsors.

Giving back locally by helping with a new playground could be hugely beneficial

Volunteer at a charity store

There are many ways in which you can assist in one of the many charity stores that line our high streets, and now, more than ever, your time and efforts will be appreciated. On top of donated unwanted items yourself, you could volunteer some time to assist the charity in regaining some of their lost revenue due to the lockdowns and also help out in the surge in donations and business that will inevitably follow.

Donate or sponsor

If you are short on time, but you still want to give regularly then you could set up a monthly donation to a charity or number of non-profit organisations that are in need of your funds. From international humanitarian causes, to adopting an endangered species to supporting charitable foundations that help within your community and beyond, there are plenty of ways in which your donations can be used and will no doubt be gratefully received.