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Why attend a county show this year?

By LLM Reporters on 21st July 2019

One of the greatest ways to embrace and celebrate the UK is to attend county shows. These are always fantastic events which can bring together the local community and allow you to enjoy a wide range of entertainment from both far and near. Here are a few benefits to attending these great shows throughout the summer.

Engage with the local community

In a time where people often spend a large amount of time inside attached to some kind of device, it can be healthy and refreshing to get outside and engage with your local community face-to-face. You are sure to bump into a few friends as well as make a few new ones when you attend fun and laid-back events like this.

County shows are a good chance to get involved and compete whether this is show jumping with your horse, showing your prize bull or setting up a local stand

Supporting local business

Similarly, it is also a good idea to get out and support local businesses. People often neglect local business and instead purchase their goods online but it is supportive and environmentally-friendly to buy from local merchants who usually have trade stalls at these events.

Sample local produce

You can usually sample the local produce at these events too which is another good way to support the local economy. There are often a wide range of food stalls serving up all kinds of tasty food that you can enjoy while you enjoy the entertainment and/or take home with you to enjoy.

Seeing the livestock

If you have little ones then these are always fantastic events to attend for a number of reasons. One of these is that the livestock is usually on show which the kids always enjoy and it can be nice to see the country’s finest farm animals on show.

County shows give you the opportunity to get closer to nature


County shows are always filled with all kinds of entertainment to keep the locals engaged throughout the show. This will depend on the show but often includes entertainment such as dog shows, falconry displays, workshops, face painting, pig racing, equestrian shows and much more.


County shows are also a good chance to get involved and compete whether this is show jumping with your horse, showing your prize bull or setting up a local stand. You will need to get in touch with the organisers to find out how to do so and you will also need to consider the legalities, such as horse rider insurance if you plan on riding your horse in public.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to attend local county shows this summer. These are always fantastic events which allow you to celebrate the local community, get outside, support local businesses and have some fun. This can be refreshing in a time where people spend so long online and it should prove to be a highlight of the summer.