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5 places to travel to in a post-Covid world

By LLM Reporters  |  June 2, 2021
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After a year in quarantine due to the Covid-19 restrictions around the world, countries are beginning to open their borders for travellers once again, as more people get their vaccines and travel restrictions are slowly curtailed. Months of quarantine have only served to heighten the desire for travel with many people desperate to get back to their favoured holiday hot spots or seek out new adventures in new destinations.

As the world opens up, there is no better time than the present to explore the luxurious scenes and cultural magnificence that the planet has to offer. It should go without saying that as the rules are constantly changing, it is best to keep an eagle eye on the restrictions and requirements of the country you reside in and also the country you are planning to visit to ensure that you aren’t left disappointed with any unexpected changes and to ensure that you keep safe when travelling.

greece kefalonia fiskardo
The Greek Islands provide the perfect place for many memorable adventures

With some precaution and plenty of hand sanitiser, you’ll be well on your way to a perfect vacation after a long time in quarantine, so give yourself the gift of relaxation, prepare for the unexpected, and get exploring with these five dreamy destinations.

Greek islands 

Although restrictions on travel have eased, it is still important for travellers to continue with some trepidation, and where better to head to than an island destination? Greece holds some 6,000 islands, many of which offer up a whole host of luxurious experiences, from historical sites to foods that you will never forget. Try out Greek island cruises, so you can experience the ancient cultures and delicious Mediterranean cuisine of Greece, all while maintaining a safe distance from your fellow cruisers or hire your own private yacht and set sail on your own time.

Singapore has an array of exciting attractions to explore. Image credit: Netfalls/


Finding its way onto the UK’s list of ‘green’ countries to visit – meaning that there is no need to quarantine upon arrival back into the UK unless you have tested positive for Covid – Singapore is a place to behold. The city-state, and youngest country in Asia, boasts an array of attractions that enthrals any visitor, from Marina Bay Sands with its sky-high swimming pool, theatres, lavish hotel rooms and shops to the spectacular Helix Bridge. Travellers will notice the cleanliness of the destination – something Singapore strives to uphold – and the restaurant scene and ability for pure relaxation in the many spas will surely be welcome.


With a vast terrain covering breath-taking beaches, sprawling desert, rainforest and more, Australia is a country that offers so much to any traveller that it is often worth taking a bit more time out to explore. From the rainforest and reefs of Queensland in the northeast to bustling and beachy Sydney in the south, the laid-back and culture-filled Perth in the west and the marvel that is Ayres Rock – or Uluru – in the centre, the range of experiences visitors can partake in are vast. Don’t forget about the welcoming city of Melbourne in the south, art-filled Adelaide and the island of Tasmania – this is a big country worth taking plenty of time to explore.

Sydney in Australia is an iconic place and offers so much for any visitor. Image credit: IngusKruklitis/


Madeira is an autonomous region of Portugal and consists of four islands off the northwest coast of Africa. Visitors will love the subtropical climate which lends itself well to outdoor pursuits among the stunning terrain that the isles have to offer. Water sports, beaches, cycling, hiking, botanic gardens, sipping the local wine, and scaling mountains are just some of the highlights of this rocky paradise and once you have visited for the first time, it will surely make it onto your list of places to return to.  

Domestic travel

Since so many people have been quarantined for so long, domestic travel is a great choice for people looking to expand their horizons during their vacation without feeling any stress about travelling overseas. Traveling domestically can be a great way to experience more of your own country, while supporting local tourist focused communities who are in need of visitors to support the local economy. Put yourself in the shoes of a tourist and head to places of interest that you’ve never visited before, don’t take for granted what you think you know and seek out experiences; festivals, restaurants and challenges that will make for the best memories.