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5 reasons to visit Tuscany in Italy in 2020

By Caroline Cooper  |  January 31, 2020

Tuscany – the beautiful region in central Italy that will entice you with a quintessential Italian experience. Known for its romantic village and hilltop towns with breath-taking views, you’ll be blown away with delicious, local, rustic cuisine, world-famous wine and a laid-back Mediterranean vibe.

These reasons alone make Tuscany one of Italy’s most renowned tourist spots, but aside from the wonderful scenery and wineries aplenty, there’s a lot more to Tuscany and some beautiful things to explore and discover.

There are two main cities at the heart of this region, each wonderfully filled with art, architecture and history. The region’s capital, Florence, is a world-famous art hub brimming with wonderful architecture all wrapped around the Arno River, which runs through the heart of the city. And then there’s Pisa, famed, of course, for its leaning tower and, with each just over an hour apart, the experts at My Tour in Italy have listed five key reasons why Tuscany is the perfect destination for you this year.

Florence is one of Europe’s greatest art cities and makes for a civilised long weeken

1. Flock to the wonderful city of Florence

This magnificent city is full of museums and art galleries home to many masterpieces of the renaissance but you don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate the works of Michaelangelo and Botticelli as the masterpieces speak for themselves.

The jewel of the city has to be the Duomo, an iconic part of this beautiful landscape – no visit to Florence is complete without visiting this wonderful masterpiece.

Get lost in the bustling streets of Florence and explore this buzzing city’s wonderful shops, restaurants and history. The Ponte Vecchio, a bridge over the Arno River, is beautiful to see both at day and night, and is bustling with both locals and visitors, providing a window into the heritage and atmosphere of Florence.

If you’re looking for a dose of culture during your Tuscan road trip then Florence just can’t be missed.

2. Spend the day in picture perfect Pisa

Famed for The Leaning Tower – no trip to Tuscany is complete without visiting one of the most recognisable buildings on earth. The Leaning Tower and Campo Dei Miracoli are must-sees – wander the green lawns and enjoy people watching as they all try and create that classic photo. In the evening take a riverside stroll and see the beautiful monuments lit up at night. The hustle and bustle shifts to the riverbanks so enjoy one of Italy’s famous gelatos and join in the fun!

The Leaning Tower has made Pisa famous all over the world

3. Explore quaint villages like San Gimignano

Italy is known for its romance, and towns like San Gimignano are wonderful to explore. A UNESCO world heritage site, this medieval town, near Siena, is known as the ‘Town of Fine Towers’ for its medieval architecture, and the preservation of sixteen towers surrounded by walls form an unforgettable skyline.

Getting from Florence to San Gimignano is easy with My Tour in Italy. Part of the Chianti region, make sure you leave time for wine tasting in this wonderful wine region.

4. Laze around in Versilia

On the northwestern edge of the province of Lucca, this fashionable town on the Riviera is in easy reach from Florence by car or public transport passing through Lucca.

During summertime, kick back and enjoy basking in the Italian sun – with plenty of restaurants in the town’s hub it’s the ideal place to go to for some rest and relaxation after exploring the wonderful cities that Tuscany has to offer. For those who want to see the Italian way of life, shop in the Forte Dei Marmi, an upmarket seaside town.

The Versilia is the area right along the Tuscan coast in the northwestern edge of the province of Lucca. Image credit: elesi/

5. Enjoy wonderful wine tasting

You really are spoilt for choice when it comes to wine tasting in Tuscany. Chianti country is just a short drive from Florence where you will find wineries with Michelin-starred restaurants.

For those flying into Pisa visit Bolgheri and its surrounding area, where some of the best Tuscan wines that are known around the world are produced. Sassicaia produced by Tenuta San Guido is the most famous and expensive and is considered one of the finest Italian red wines.