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Check in to paradise at Harbour Island in The Bahamas

La Palmeraie

Want to know one of the best kept secrets of the Bahamas? The romantic Harbour Island – known as “Briland” by locals, is one of the most breathtaking hotspots you’ll find.

Harbour Island is less than 3.5 miles long – small, and perfectly formed. Boasting a long, wide beach that is famed for its pale pink sand, it’s little wonder that it makes every top travel magazine’s “best Bahamas beaches” list every year –in fact, it was recently listed as one of the 10 nicest beaches in entire the world.

Just an hour by plane from Florida, visitors fly into North Eleuthera, before taking a 5-minute cab ride to a water taxi ride (10mn) to finally get to paradise. It’s a little further for visitors from the UK, but guaranteed to be worth the wait.

La Palmeraie
La Palmeraie is located on Harbour Island in The Bahamas

There is more to the island than just its stunning sea views, and its quaint and friendly town features old Victorian structures adorned with the colourful pastel paints the Bahamas is known for. What’s more, there are no high rise or low rise buildings, no fast food nor traffic jams on this island – not even so much as a red light!  Harbour Island is not known for its shopping and night life, so if you’re seeking large crowds, wild parties or theme park rides, this is not the place for you. But if you’re looking for peace, tranquility, and a truly relaxing getaway, then you may just have found your ideal destination.

Visitors to the island can stay in one of the few boutique hotels on offer, or rent a vacation home on the island. Holiday homes are offered for all budgets from the old historic house to the ocean front villa – and one not to be missed is the spectacular La Palmeraie.

Conceived as a resort villa, La Palmeraie offers the privacy of an exclusive villa combined with the luxury, comfort and service of a 5-star resort – and you’re guaranteed to feel like a VIP for every moment of your stay.

La Palmeraie
La Palmeraie is modern yet warm and welcoming, all at the same time

This 11 000 square feet luxury villa boasts 9 bedrooms in total, and is located right on the dunes, overlooking the beach. With 140 feet of beach frontage, guests can while away their days observing the ever-changing colours of the turquoise ocean – and, with a hotel-sized fitness centre, a full spa with steam bath and sauna, a massage room, a 400 sqft movie theater, a wine cellar, a large luxurious office – if you’re looking for somewhere to unwind, then you’ve come to the right place. The stars of the show, however, are the villa’s long swimming pool and outdoor jacuzzi, which has room enough for 12 people. It’s everything you need for that perfect vacation, and more.

When it comes to décor and design, The Palmeraie has a definite Asian flair. The construction was completed just weeks ago, in May 2018, and incorporates all the bells and whistles of a modern luxury home. La Palmeraie is modern yet warm and welcoming, all at the same time – and with its first visitors including high profile entrepreneurs and confidential VIPS, it’s a sign of things to come for this lavish house in the sun.

La Palmeraie
When it comes to décor and design, The Palmeraie has a definite Asian flair

Located on one of the quietest section of this incredible beach, visitors will feel like they’ve washed up on a private island. Fully equipped with comfortable beach chairs and everything that you’d need from a resort, from a cleaning team to a private chef an even two golf carts to use throughout your stay, you can relax and enjoy your getaway on one of the safest islands in the world. Locals are friendly, service is impeccable, and best of all, tourists are few and far between – giving you an authentic taste of the Caribbean, and one you’ll never forget.
Harbour Island is home to many people of note, so don’t be surprised to bump into local homeowners, Revlon chaiman Ron Perelman, duty-free tycoon Robert Miller or J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler when out touring on your golf cart. The island has caught the attention of several celebrities who have bought homes there, and they can regularly be seen out and about, enjoying all that it has to offer.

In fact, it has always welcomed an impressive list of accomplished business leaders, international financiers, and celebrities who regularly holiday there include Elle Macpherson, Diane von Furstenberg, Jennifer Anniston, Robert DeNiro, Peyton Manning, Mick Jagger, Richard Gere and Jimmy Buffett. But there are two unwritten rules on Harbour Island that no resident or visitor would dare to break: never approach a well-known face, and paparazzi are strictly unwelcome!

La Palmeraie
Prices at La Palmeraie start from $3,500 up to $12,000 a night depending on the season

It is for this reason that it has become one of the chic-est island retreats for international business magnates and entertainment industry people who prefer to keep a lower profile – and don’t want to be bothered by the crowds and paparazzi they’d have to contend with elsewhere.

From Caribbean charm to all out glamour, this little island has got it all. So get booking that luxury last minute getaway for a relaxing and unforgettable stay in the sun.

Prices at La Palmeraie start from $3,500 up to $12,000 a night depending on the season.

For more information or to book the property, contact 814-389-9848.