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4 luxury travel essentials for your last-minute late summer getaway

By LLM Reporters  |  September 1, 2021
travel beach

With autumn fast approaching, now is the perfect time to squeeze in a last-minute, late summer break and immerse yourself in all the opulence and luxury you deserve after a trying year for all.

Whether you have designs on a lavish Caribbean getaway, complete with sun, sea, sand and snorkelling – or Greek island hopping and sunning yourself on-board a private yacht is more your style, packing the right kit is essential to get the most out of your trip, and a few added luxuries can make all the difference.

Here are four items to add to your checklist for an unforgettable trip.

An expandable case


Let’s face it; packing light isn’t an option when you want to look your best for the duration of your holiday, and cramming your best designer jumpsuits and dresses into a tiny case is a sure-fire way to ensure they arrive crumpled, creased, and not even nearly ready to wear.

The solution? Invest in a robust expandable case, which offers a quick and easy way to create additional space when you just can’t decide between that last pair of Louboutins or your favourite Fendi handbag. Simply unzip the expandable section, et voila – your packing capacity just got an upgrade.

A silk eye mask for the plane

silk eye mask

Holidays and luxury getaways should be all about relaxation, and if you’re feeling sleep deprived then an in-flight snooze is the perfect way to catch up on some much-needed shut-eye. Sleeping on the plane can be challenging, even on the reclining beds in First Class – so treat yourself to a gorgeous silk eye mask to block out the light, lie back and enjoy a superior nap.

We love Bottega Vebnetta’s Intrecciato eye mask, which at £250, provides ‘pitch-black darkness’ and protects your modesty while you sleep.

The perfect pair of designer sunglasses

sunglasses man

The weather can vary greatly depending on where you’re going, and in September, rainy days and showers are common in popular destinations across the Caribbean, Central America and South East Asia. Nevertheless, you’ll likely enjoy plenty of bright sunshine, so it’s important to invest in some quality eyewear to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

A lavish pair of designer sunglasses is the ultimate style statement, and from Ray Ban to Chloe, the options are endless – but be sure to opt for a polarised pair, which will reduce the glare from bright light and make it easier to see things clearly in bright conditions.

If you have a high prescription for your day-to-day glasses, then you’ll need prescription sunglasses, too – which combine your visual needs with eye protection, all in one. Photochromic lenses go one better, transitioning into darker shades  as they get exposed to sunlight and returning to regular, clear glass lenses once you are back in normal lighting or when you head indoors – so you won’t have to keep changing your glasses when moving from place to place.

The airport is a great place to pick up some designer glasses for men and women – head to duty free before you board your First Class flight and prepare to splash some cash.

A high-end mirrorless camera

video camera

A good camera is essential for capturing those new memories you’ll be making – but not just any camera will do. Special moments like these deserve to be cherished, and if you’re planning to frame them or share them on Instagram then you’ll want to make sure that they are high quality and high resolution for the sharpest and most impactful results.

While snapping things as they happen is a tried and tested way to get some great action shots, planning a photoshoot can be another great way to get the exact shots you’re looking for. Spend the first few days of your holiday scouting out the most Instagrammable spots, take a change of clothes and a willing cameraperson, and a quality mirrorless camera or digital SLR will do the rest for you.