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How crypto is fast becoming the new way to pay for luxury travel

By LLM Reporters  |  May 23, 2021
luxury travel

After a year of limited travel opportunities, many are relieved to see vaccine rollouts around the world to continue to gather pace, thus opening up a plethora of new nations for entry and making the world feel like our oyster once again.

With travel restrictions being eased by the day, if you’re already eager to plan your next luxury getaway then the chances are that you’re one of millions – but for the select few savvy crypto investors there is a new way to pay for the privilege, with a growing number of companies now accepting Bitcoin in exchange for arranging your dream holiday.

With an increasing number of crypto-millionaires to cater to – that’s upwards of 100,000, compared to 15,000 just a year ago – the demand and desire to pay in digital currencies is at an all-time high, and we’ve already seen a variety of sectors and services – from luxury watchmakers to high-end car manufacturers – make the move towards accepting them in a bid to retain their most affluent customers.

Users who have already amassed crypto fortunes have been booking their trips via luxury travel agents

More and more people are now taking advantage of trading platforms like 5 coins to 5 Million to turn a tidy profit in the world of trading and investment – and a growing number of brands and businesses are beginning to take note.

Now, a luxury concierge service, launched by popular travel site Travala, has become the latest to embrace this burgeoning trend – and with more crypto millionaires being created by the week, it seems it’s a perfect time.

Users who have already amassed crypto fortunes have been booking their trips via luxury travel agents for some while now, but Travala aims to offer a next-level service that allows customers to design and create dream experiences – no expense spared.

But it’s not just for anyone; nor is it for the novice investor who might only just have begun dabbling in the world of digital currencies. In order to qualify for the service, customers need to have spent a minimum of $50,000 on the main Travala site, with those ticking all the right boxes assigned a dedicated travel manager who will coordinate their dream experience.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to successfully record transactions on a secure, decentralised blockchain-based network

This is new territory for Travala, which since its 2017 inception, has traditionally dealt with lower and mid-range experiences and a more mainstream customer base. As such, there are currently just 100 customers who qualify for the new luxury concierge service – but that number is growing. Today, the company has an extensive team of knowledgeable travel managers with prior experience in luxury travel, and with an offering that includes some of the most opulent superyachts, jets and private islands in the world, it is fast gaining itself a reputation for excellence amongst the wealthy.

And Bitcoin isn’t the only cryptocurrency that traders and investors can exchange for their trip; in fact, 40 are accepted in total. This includes up-and-coming varieties such as the Dogecoin – which has been hotly-tipped by Elon Musk and the next big one to watch – and Ethereum, which is currently one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies on the market.

With special rates and exclusive packages available for the taking for the world’s most elite, a rewards programme which enables customers to earn a percentage of their hotel costs back in the company’s unique ‘AVA’ token, there are plenty of benefits for loyal customers to enjoy to make savings on future trips. It doesn’t matter how affluent you are; we all love a discount – although customers can even, instead of applying the tokens to their next holiday, trade them for other currencies instead, which is something that hasn’t yet been seen before in the world of luxury travel.

Bitcoin gold coin and defocused chart background
Travala aims to offer a next-level service that allows customers to design and create dream experiences

After a year of cancellations and postponements when it comes to the getaways we’ve looked forward to so much, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the wealthiest of customers are wasting little time in building their itineraries with Travala, and chartering private jets to fly them out to some of the most exclusive private islands in the Caribbean. With social distancing and cleanliness still major concerns due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, space and privacy have become more highly sought-after than ever – and what better way to ensure them than this?

While many restrictions still remain in place, several Caribbean islands are expected to be added to the UK’s greenest over the coming weeks – so there’s no time like the present to get booking.