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Luxury travel sites that now accept cryptocurrency

Who accepts cryptocurrency? Here are eight travel sites that welcome digital currency.

By LLM Reporters  |  January 17, 2022
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There’s no denying that the events of the past two years have put the travel industry under some serious strain, with flights grounded and entry restrictions and testing measures putting paid to many a planned adventure in the early days of the pandemic. Since then, things have improved considerably, and with the UK having now scrapped its traffic light system and done away with the majority of its previous requirements to travel, 2022 is looking a lot brighter for us, and our favourite luxury travel brands, too.

From lower prices to stress-free packages, many high-end travel companies have been going out of their way to encourage bookings for the new year ahead, and so far, things are looking promising. To further appeal to wealthy investors and high-net-worth individuals, we’re seeing an increasing number of airlines, tour operators and travel agents making the move towards accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment – incentivising those who have amassed a small fortune in Bitcoin or Ether to get booking, and in turn, making these digital assets even more valuable and highly sought-after than they were before.

Cryptocurrency and travel

The cryptocurrency market is awash with many tempting investment opportunities, and while Bitcoin – the world’s largest digital currency – is the obvious choice, the likes of Ether, Binance Coin (BNB), Litecoin and other so-called ‘alt-coins’ have also been garnering attention of late, and for all the right reasons. No longer content with storing our hard-earned cash away in a savings account, we’re increasingly turning towards crypto investment as a means of turning a much higher profit long-term, and those who play their cards right and who are prepared to play the long game may well be reaping the benefits in years to come.

cryptocurrency coin
Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years and have become a mainstream payment method and investment opportunity across the globe

In its early days, Bitcoin made the headlines when it turned many of its early investors into overnight millionaires. At a time when many remained sceptical about its future, savvy forward-thinkers saw its potential and wasted no time before diving in – and other investors have been clamouring to attempt to replicate the same level of success ever since.

But while many people who buy BNB or Bitcoin do so due to their potential as an investment, others are interested in it for other reasons – including luxury travel. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be beneficial in the travel business because they eliminate the problem of exchange rates, currency conversion fees, and the inability to access funds while overseas. Not only that, but they can also be useful for those who already own lots of cryptocurrencies, who will be able to more easily use them to pay for travel services.

Those who are, or were, already millionaires have long seen the value in amassing a stash of crypto, and according to research, around 68% of America’s millionaires own some cryptocurrency. For those of us looking to make the most of our finances in 2022, looking at how the world’s wealthiest handle theirs is a great place to start, and with an increasing number making use of theirs to book lavish getaways to private Maldivian islands, first class flights to exotic hideaways across the globe, and opulent yachts on the French Riviera, it’s a trend we’ll likely all be jumping on the bandwagon with very soon.

With a growing number of travel websites now allowing customers to trade crypto for all manner of bookings, if you’re sitting on a Bitcoin fortune then why not make use of it in 2022? After a trying two years, you deserve a memorable break – so here are the places to start looking.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be beneficial in the travel business because they eliminate the problem of exchange rates, currency conversion fees, and the inability to access funds while overseas

Travel sites accepting crypto


UK-based Arburton is an online travel concierge that offers complete lifestyle management services to elite clientele around the world. The brand now accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment, providing comprehensive services to all kinds of customers.


Destinia offers a substantial amount of room for travel-themed activities and vacations, whether you’re organising a simple weekend getaway or a complex mountain-side excursion. With Destinia, you can use Bitcoin to book hotels, flights, or even your ski lift ticket and organise activities and attractions at many different locations to build a cohesive trip.


Expedia is among the most popular travel websites for booking hotel rooms online. Ever a trail-blazer, it only made sense that Expedia would become one of the first to adopt crypto as a means of payment, and with a plethora of lavish five-star hotels and flights to choose from, you can book yourself a luxury trip to almost anywhere.

luxury travel
From lower prices to stress-free packages, many high-end travel companies have been going out of their way to encourage bookings for the new year ahead, and so far, things are looking promising

Berkeley Travel

Berkeley, a London-based travel agency, offers a range of customised luxury travel packages to its customers. From Caribbean beach holidays to business trips to Chicago, Berkeley can find you the best deals. Its website is designed to cater effortlessly to international travellers, and accepts Bitcoin currently as a means of payment – with the likes of Ether expected to follow in 2022.

WebJet Exclusive

Webjet is an online award-winning travel agency based in Australia and offers a full range of high-end travel services to suit all tastes. Topping the list of the best travel agencies in both Australia and New Zealand, it provides a variety of innovative shopping solutions, from air flights to travel insurance and car hires. Currently, it accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for its luxury holiday packages. 

The Wander Clan

Singapore-based luxury travel agency The Wander Clan has launched a cryptocurrency payment system that allows customers to make purchases with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies. The company offers exclusive upgrades, VIP service, and customised high-end escapades to travellers eager to experience their dream holiday.

Leading travel website Expedia accepts Bitcoin for hotel bookings only. Image credit: Postmodern Studio/


Travala was founded as a travel booking platform for managing and paying for travel-related expenses, so it is no surprise that it offers the greatest flexibility in cryptocurrency payment options and, unlike many of its competitors, already accepts a range of different cryptocurrencies and credit/debit cards. Allowing users to book hotels, flights, or any other type of travelling accommodations through its online service, Travala boasts more than two million choices for wealthy travellers and holidaymakers to choose from – good luck picking out just one!

Surf Air

Surf Air has revolutionised the travel industry by allowing its members to book their flights and pay in Bitcoin. This unique airline operates through membership services and tailored memberships, and for just a small monthly fee, you can access flights on its network across California, New Jersey, Texas, and Florida. Rather than booking a single flight at a time, consumers can enjoy the convenience of booking multiple flights throughout the month – so not only is it convenient and hassle free, but it’s also an excellent way to spend that crypto.