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Nine things to consider before booking a luxury spa break

With National Spa Week (September 10-17) in full swing we spoke to Jason Goldberg, managing director of leading spa booking agency SpaSeekers.Com, for his top tips on booking the perfect spa break.


Once you’ve decided whether it’s a spa day or an overnight break, it’s a question of location and typically there could be half a dozen or so that catch your eye. At this point we would suggest reading some of the genuine customer reviews. At SpaSeekers.Com we include a direct link to Trip Advisor where you can check out these and even more. You’ll quickly get a feel for your favourite destinations and be able to refine your selections further.


Maybe you want a spa experience with a teenage daughter, or perhaps you want to find a day’s relaxation away from your own kids, either way – make sure you check out your chosen venues’ age restriction before you book. Many hotel spas do allow children, which could be disruptive if you’re looking for peace and quiet. On the other hand, you may well be looking for somewhere that’s child friendly, so be sure to check it out before you book. Many of the more exclusive health spas have a minimum age of 14-16.

Typically you will be investing a considerable amount of money for your much deserved relaxing spa experience, so make sure it’s really clear on exactly what is included in your package


Depending on which type of spa you book, take a moment to enquire with one of our friendly Spa Booking Advisors if there is any limitation on use of leisure. In particular, if you are visiting a Hotel Spa as opposed to a Health Spa, there’s a possibility that the pool could be closed for swimming lessons or aqua aerobics etc. It’s always advisable to plan your spa experience in advance to ensure you don’t miss out on all of the facilities available.


If you find a fantastic spa deal but then get hit with expensive car parking fees when you arrive, it can leave a sour taste in your mouth and be a less than relaxing start to your break. We would advise that you check for any car park charges before you book your break.


When you check in at the spa, it’s great to get changed into a fluffy towel robe and some slippers – the start of your relaxation time! Some spas will supply complimentary robes, slippers and towels, but be sure to double check beforehand as some venues have hidden costs for these items and will charge you to use them.

Hoar Cross Hall, Staffordshire
Hoar Cross Hall in Staffordshire was named the Best Spa Hotel in the UK in the Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Readers’ Travel Awards 2018


We all like a deal, which is why it’s good to use a website like SpaSeekers.Com where you’ll be able to find the most suitable option based on your chosen budget and location. There are other sites out there selling ‘deals’ but make you always read the small print and do your research on the spa. Sometimes if the deal seems too good to be true, then it usually is! Our sound advice would be to book with a reputable site where you can speak to a genuine agent before parting with your hard earned cash.


For many people, part of a relaxing spa experience is lounging in a towel robe all day, without make-up and letting your hair down. There’s nothing worse than relaxing in the spa in the morning only to have to dress up for lunch. Often you’ll be bumping in to businesspeople more formally dressed and it can make spa-goers feel uncomfortable. It’s so much more relaxing to sit down in a dedicated spa restaurant in your towel robe and slippers with wet hair, without the pressure of having to dress formally, so make sure you check out the dress codes before you arrive.

National Spa Week 2018 takes place between September 10-17


Typically you will be investing a considerable amount of money for your much deserved relaxing spa experience, so make sure it’s really clear on exactly what is included in your package. Some spa deals may appear great value for money, but with some elements not included that may seem obvious, you could end up feeling short changed.


Typically, a group booking is made for a special occasion, so it’s helpful to go through a spa booking agency that will have a dedicated Group Booking Department that will go that extra mile to ensure that group bookings are perfectly scheduled with a tailor made itinerary. A good booking agent should be able to do this for you, so there is an obvious advantage to book through a reputable third party. SpaSeekers.Com have been group booking specialists since 1989 and have become experts in the way of offering a ‘group friendly’ payment process.