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Planning your next luxury getaway with Fayvo

By LLM Reporters  |  January 20, 2020

With the new year now upon us, it’s a time to start afresh, wipe the slate clean – and to make some exciting plans for the year ahead. And, if you’re anything like us, that includes plotting in some time to travel.

There are few things quite as exciting as being able to tick that next dream destination off your bucket list, and if you need something to look forward to get you through these dreary months of winter then planning a luxury getaway could be just the ticket.

If you’ve got a list of destinations you’d like to visit as long as your arm, then choosing your next one can be tricky. And, most likely, you’ll want to splash out on a few special trips to see you through 2020.

The planning and the anticipation, as they say, is half the fun – but if you’ve got multiple trips on the go and numerous flight bookings, hotels reservations and itineraries to juggle, things can start to get complicated.

Enter, Fayvo – the new social networking app that offers you a handy place to find inspiration for your trips, as well as saving your favourite destinations, hotels and restaurants all in one place and sharing them effortlessly with friends and family, too. Set to revolutionise the planning of your big luxury getaways in the new year, it could be the handiest tool you’ll ever download.

The new way to plan

Once upon a time, people kept track of their favourite trip ideas by placing them in a physical box. Destinations and hotels would come recommended word of mouth, and would be hand-written onto pieces of paper and filed, ready to help you make a decision. Sharing ideas with friends was often via face-to-face conversation, with sharing visuals almost out of the question.

The team at Fayvo, the leading social network to share and watch your personal favorites and the favorites of others

Fast-forward to 2020, and the digital world has left everything scattered – with your holiday favourites strewn across multiple sites and apps and showing friends and family your thoughts and ideas often requiring the trawling through of multiple weblinks and pages. Whilst many will allow you to create wish lists whilst on one particular website, cross-referencing across them all can send your head into a spin, with great discoveries and recommendations from family and friends quickly lost or forgotten. It’s a predicament many of us find ourselves in often, and even more so when planning trips with others – but this is where Fayvo could just be about to save the day.

Providing a useful space for your favourites that can easily be shared digitally as recommendations, this forward-thinking new app is just perfect if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration – and, if you need to get the seal of approval on your picks from your spouse, children or friends, then it’s a great way to give them a visual idea of what you’ve got in mind.

With 92% of consumers now preferring recommendations from friends and family over other forms of advertising, there’s a strong need for this sort of platform for today’s authenticity-conscious consumer – and Fayvo helps users bridge the gap between finding and sharing recommendations with the people we care about most.

The journey so far

Whilst it might be the first time that Favyo has come to your attention, it certainly isn’t new to the digital game, and has been making waves in the community since its inception in 2017. The brainchild of a savvy and forward-thinking lone entrepreneur who sought an easier way to organise and exchange ideas and recommendations with his family, upon finding there was a gap in the market, he was inspired to create his own. Just six months after the launch of the app, which came to fruition in mid-2017, Fayvo had grown a user base of over 100,000 users – and to date, that number is continuing to grow.

Upon downloading and setting up a profile on the app, it’s easy to see why it has become such a burgeoning success. Allowing you to create your own content as well as categorising all of your favourites into easily accessible boxes, it’s a simple and well-organised way to store those ideas, making it easier than ever to view them all in one place.

Ideal for planning your first getaway of the new year, you can create categories such as ‘destinations’, ‘hotels’, ‘restaurants’ and ‘shops’, storing all of your great finds until later before narrowing down your selection. No book-marking or note-taking required.

A hub for inspiration

Unique in its integration with other platforms, Favyo allowing users to easily find the favourites they want to save, and can be used in conjunction with the likes of IMDB, iBooks, Apple Music, Netflix, Google Maps, Amazon, YouTube, and much more. So, whilst it’s great for planning holidays and trips, it’s easy to see where else it might come in handy, too.

The Fayvo community is growing every day, with users sharing the things they love across a range of different categories worldwide – from fashion and music to culture, and beyond. New users can build their network with like-minded people from across the globe; it’s not just about connecting with your real life friends, but about sharing inspiration with those who have similar interests – and you can be sure that there is a wealth of content out there already to immerse yourself in when it comes to the finest five-star hotels, best beaches and most mouth-watering restaurants you need to try.

So whether you’re looking for some ideas for your next getaway to remember or are already spoilt for choice and need some help making a decision, Favyo has got you covered. And, once you’ve chosen where you’re going to be going in 2020, why not use it to plan the finer details, too?

Fayvo is now available in all regions and can be found on the App Store or Google Play.

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