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The new way to travel: Lavish concierge service caters to high-net-worth crypto millionaires looking for a new level of luxury

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are fast becoming the new way to pay for luxury travel.

By LLM Reporters  |  November 4, 2021

Cryptocurrency has become something of a buzz word in recent years, and what started as something many dismissed to be little more than a passing fad has, over the past decade, proven itself to be far more powerful than many of us first thought.

These decentralised digital currencies, which include the likes of ultra-popular Bitcoin as well as up-and-coming competitors such as Ethereum and Dogecoin – once had little practical use and were simply a means of making money via mining and trading. But, as the number of the world’s crypto-whales – those who have built sizable fortunes in doing so – increases steadily by the day, and demand for crypto trading sites, software and apps like Bitcoin Prime surges to an all-time high, many industries have been looking at them in a new light and adapting quickly in a bid to cater to an increase in demand.

The biggest winners in crypto want to be able to spend their money where they please, and from luxury cars to high-end holidays, we’ve seen big name brands like Tesla and Berkeley Travel make moves over the past few years to begin accepting Bitcoin and its counterparts as a means of payment. We’ve even seen AirBaltic become the first airline in the world to follow suit, and with innovative site Alternative Airlines having since made flights with more than 600 different operators available to purchase in such a way, too, suffice it to say that the luxury world is finally accepting that crypto could be here to stay.

private jet has organised elite journeys for crypto whales across the globe, such as week-long trips to private islands in the Maldives as well as private jets

Exclusive travel concierge service, which is backed by global accommodation booking platform Travala, is perhaps one of the most interesting developments we’ve seen of late. Earlier this month, the brand announced that it had added new luxury services designed to give its crypto-investing customers a more premium experience, supporting them to live out every element of their luxury travel dreams. The concierge service caters to the crypto-world’s elite and from unique seven-star hotel stays around the world to lavish safaris, it has pulled out all the stops to offer memorable experiences its customers simply won’t find elsewhere – all of which can, of course, be paid for using crypto.

Customers of the firm are allocated a dedicated professional travel manager who will tailor-make their dream trip, considering everything from the means of travel to the tiniest details and experiences throughout. Private jets and private island stays come as standard to those looking to add an extra layer of exclusivity to their breaks, and just about anything your mind could conjure up – from castle accommodation to private chefs – is made possible and seamlessly integrated into your itinerary.

It seems that has successfully filled what was previously a notable gap in the market, with an increasing number of millennial overnight millionaires seeking out new ways to spend their crypto fortunes. In the past year alone, its backer Travala – a crypto-friendly travel service that has been accepting a variety of digital assets for payment for some time already – has seen a dramatic increase in demand for bookings using Bitcoin and the like.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are fast becoming the new way to pay for luxury travel

And since launched just six months ago, it has already seen a monumental 500 per cent increase in clients, with 100 per cent of bookings within that period made in crypto.

Chief marketing officer Ben Rogers has attributed this to a combination of the steady increase in the number of crypto-investors and users since the pandemic began, alongside a gradual reopening of global travel – and as more people than ever crave lavish getaways and sunny escapes across the globe after 18 months of having our liberties curtailed, it seems that the travel industry is finally receiving a much-needed boost from some of the world’s biggest crypto whales.

“ helps [clients] live out their travel dreams with their hard-earned crypto, providing yet another real-world use case for digital currencies that have made millionaires,” said Rogers, in a statement sent to News earlier this month.

“In just six short months, we’ve already helped many fulfill their most extreme vacation fantasies and the additional experiences announced today further expand the possibilities and ways in which people explore the world.”

It seems that the up-and-coming new service is onto something good, offering the world’s wealthiest crypto traders and investors something that fulfills their desire for exclusivity and allows them to spend their fortunes easily, too. If you’ve been accumulating a Bitcoin stash that you don’t quite know what to do with, then what better way to treat yourself?