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Three cities with the best work/life balance to move abroad to


Striking the right ratio of a work-life balance can be tricky, and with a new career abroad or sabbatical period ahead of you, it’s important to get to know the country you’re going to be spending time in before you travel.

If you’re packing your bags for your latest move up the career ladder in a new country and are looking for some insight into your new home, mid to long-term rental specialist, Spotahome, can help with its latest city-data. Revealing the top three cities nailing that work-life balance is Brand and Communications Manager for the United Kingdom and Ireland, Melissa Lyras.

Zürich, Switzerland


Regarded as one of Europe’s most stunning cities, Zürich offers a mild climate, stunning architecture and a selection of museums displaying the finest art from across the world. Coined the ‘cosmopolitan city’ for its superb shopping scene, visitors will also get a sense of the city’s passion for fashion simply by strolling the immaculate streets.

Among the reasons to choose Zürich as your base for work and play is the standard of pay. Workers in the city earn the highest gross wages of any European city – a factor that can certainly add to the appeal of a location. Also, employees are entitled to at least 20 days’ holiday a year, on top of public holiday allowance which currently stands at 15, one of the highest for EU countries.

With the added cash in your pocket and more spare time at your disposal, you’ll find you have more time and money to spend on the abundance of attractions around the city. With so much on offer, Zürich will encourage you to make changes to improve your work-life balance and make more time for exploring its delights.

In 2017, Zurich was ranked in the top 10 for cleanest cities in the EU and achieved global status for being one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world. With an extensive network of green spaces on offer and famous clear blue lakes ideal for recreational swimming, the city’s residents take advantage of the natural landscape by hiking and cycling regularly. The large population of cyclists in the city is also down to the accessible biking routes and tracks, making it easier for workers to commute to and from work on two wheels.

When you are in the office however, the relaxed nature of work and ‘sacred lunch breaks’ will help break up your working day, reducing the risk of a burn out. The much-loved ‘coffee culture’ in Zürich is considered time away from work, where lifestyle and leisure pursuits are discussed frequently and casually between friends and colleagues.

Munich, Germany


Besides the authentic bratwurst sausages and magnificent architecture that fill this city, the benefits to working in Munich are endless.

The Germans really appreciate having a good work-life balance, principles that are strictly enforced, particularly when it comes to companies ensuring you have taken your full leave by the end of the year.

Employees also cannot work more than a 10-hour day and are given substantial lunch-breaks that fit in with the city’s laidback culture. The city is filled with a diverse range of people, and has a large student population – a combination of which keeps this city and the people feeling fresh.

Topping the charts for this country is its allowance of public holidays, of which there are more than anywhere in any other European country, edging just ahead of Switzerland. Mothers also reap the benefits of living here, with normal maternity leave allowance giving them a whole year off, with various different options for added flexibility.

Edinburgh, Scotland


The pace of life in the Scottish capital is much slower than in its English counterpart, London. With its cobbled streets and historic old stone buildings, weathered pubs and nighttime revelry to be unrivalled, Edinburgh is the ideal place to relocate to if you feel the fast-paced lifestyle, affecting residents’ work-life balance in London, isn’t quite right for you.

While Edinburgh is widely recognised as being a leading international centre for business and finance, it also ranks highly for its attention to culture and heritage. As a leader in Scotland’s wider economy, the city is rapidly establishing itself as a healthy, forward-thinking destination by introducing more accessible, flexible working hours that appeal to today’s generation of working parents.

In 2017, Edinburgh was crowned the top ‘culture city’ in Europe, selected for its 12 major festivals and arts events held annually, its rich history and its investment to further improve quality of life for residents.

If you’re weighing up a move for two months, half a year or more, complete your stay by renting with Spotahome.