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4 luxury car care tips to prepare for post-lockdown driving

By LLM Reporters  |  June 11, 2020
Czech Republic - 8th August 2011: A sports car Jaguar E-Type S3 V12 engine black. Pribram

There are those beautiful times in life that you afford yourself a treat. Be it little or large, there is nothing like buying something for you that puts a smile on your face knowing that you’ve well and truly earned it. One of the most luxurious items we can gift ourselves is a car and, while driving around may leave you feeling like the cat that got the cream, we all know that the truly important thing to do is to take excellent care of such a prized possession, for safety, longevity and to ensure it shines with every drive.

While residing in lockdown it’s hard not to think about the state of our cars. We all know that leaving a vehicle sitting for long periods unused actually does it no good at all, and when we are able to travel freely once again, it’s important to feel safe as we drive to work or off for a much-needed country escape. This is why we spoke to the experts at Jet Wheel Tyre of Basildon to get their top tips on luxury car maintenance that you can undertake at home and at the garage.

Tyre maintenance

Front of new silver SUV car parking on the asphalt road

Cars kept still for long periods of time can have a damaging effect on their tyres, and low tyre pressure can lead to steering and breaking issues as well as increased fuel costs. Prolong the life of your tyres by keeping them inflated to the correct pressure, as indicated in your car’s manual or inside the door. A good tip is to keep a selection of useful items in your garage, from compressors to air filters and keeping a list of all items as well as the dates you undertook any maintenance will come in handy.

If it becomes evident that there is damage and you need professional assistance with your tyres, rest assured, there are many local garages that are practising safety measures so you can get professional treatment for your car with absolute peace of mind.

From Essex to Edinburgh to Exeter, your choice of garage is going to determine your car’s fate. Whichever area you are based in, you can make sure your local garage is a reliable one by checking out the customer rating section – most brands display this.

Keep it clean inside and out

Luxury and modern brown car interior. Inside car.

Obviously, the functionality of the car is the most key aspect, but there’s no reason not to keep it looking brand-new for as long as possible. Take pride in your luxury possession by washing it weekly by rinsing with water, cleaning with a water and shampoo solution and rinsing with water again to keep that showroom look. Make sure you keep the inside sparkling too and once a month consider taking it to a professional car cleaner for a polish and wax.

Check engine oils

Modern luxury car with an open hood in the service station. In the photo the front of the car, close-up headlight. Service, repair, car diagnostics Concept.

One of the most important car maintenance tips is to keep the engine fluids topped up. While these may not have run down while inactive, now is a good a time as any to ensure all levels are kept at the appropriate amounts.

Top up your oil after draining used oil and its corrosive elements and make sure you head out for a quick drive to ensure the fresh oil circulates around the engine. Also make sure to get some fuel as this will help prevent moisture from collecting in the tank and rust potentially developing.

Coolant and window washer fluid can be topped up as you usually would and it’s really important to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, they are created by the professionals after all.

Battery life

Man driving his car

As a car battery charges itself when in use, it becomes all the more apparent that if a car is not driven for long periods then it may very well struggle to start when needed. If you have been keeping up to date with short 15 to 20 minute drives every few weeks then there shouldn’t be an issue, but if you have been unable to do this then you may face issues, especially with older, classic cars.

Try and switch up which car you use, not sticking to the same one with each journey in order to give every car battery the chance to recharge. If it is too late and the battery is flat, you should be able to charge it at home or jump start it, alternatively you may have to call in your breakdown cover provider for a little help.