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Private aviation: How small details play a major role in brand loyalty

By LLM Reporters  |  March 20, 2020

Words by Kyle Patel, executive director at BitLux

It’s about the small things they say. In a world where consumer decision is backed by technology and immediacy, distinctive details set companies apart from the competition. There is an important trend arising in private aviation due to the lack of vision of some actors in the industry, specifically things like overcharges for catering during all types of flights, bait and switch tactics, deceiving business practices, and aircraft swaps. Maybe some of them forget how detailed oriented customers in this sector are, how much they provide to our global community, ahh while neglecting the fact that this type of practice is not just unethical but hurts the industry as a whole – from fueling teams to aircraft owners.

A charter jet provider based in South Florida, BitLux, runs a cryptocurrency centered model that places customer satisfaction and flexibility as main business goals. But transparency and ethics? Well, that should be a given in any business, a standard, not an added value as some try to establish – which comes full swing with BitLux. Overcharging thousands of dollars for sushi, as reported here, is just one example of the short-sighted and desperate move that eventually would be noticed by individuals that have made a living out of maximizing profits.

Kyle Patel is the executive director at BitLux

Charter flight transparency: a two-way street

The private jet ecosystem needs operators, brokers, aircraft managers and FBO’s aligned for it to provide the superior service it’s known for. Transparency is key for building trust, especially for first time travelers making the switch from commercial aviation, those purchasing an aircraft or savvy executive flyers trying out your service for the first time. Providing information in a proactive manner, having answers to any type of question and detailing all costs must be embedded in the service experience.

Charter brokers, for instance, rely heavily on transparency. When a client calls for a flight, they move fast and contact a handful of operators in order to get various quotes for the potential client to decide which one suits best. First step in the transparency wagon is trusting operators that the price, aircraft type and availability will be thoroughly met. Then they deliver the final rate for all quotes to the customer, with an extra fee for their service: finding various safe and reliable options for the exact departure date, time and location required by the client.

The new FAR 295 regulations for charter brokers have helped in alleviating some of the deceptive practices, however, only 38 of more than 300 in the world have gotten certified to display their dedication to transparency and ethics – BitLux being one of them.

The private jet industry is growing faster than ever, and there has never been more choice available on the market

Operators must also play their part as well by previously communicating hourly rates, catering and handling costs and overnight fees. Yes, it’s true that the business is full of diverse bills and costs, some worth thousands of dollars (fuel) and others far less (a meal, Wi-Fi, ground transportation), but it’s the private jet provider’s job to reduce all these figures into common language and to proactively share all expenses.

Transparency and ethics should be a standard, but unfortunately, due to the actions of a few, sometimes it’s presented as an added value in the service. From time to time it’s good to remind all executive aviation professionals that loyalty and constant communication are the building blocks of the overall experience of this customer-centered business. It really doesn’t matter how luxurious is the jet’s interior if there’s no perception of trust from the customer.

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