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Take off in style: The ultimate guide to charter the perfect jet in Europe

Words by Europair Communications

There are plenty of options when choosing a private aircraft to move within Europe. A group of variables will finally determine what’s the ideal jet for the passenger’s need, a decision that can be guided by a private jet broker. From the length of the route, number of passengers, amount of luggage to the dimensions of the cabin, there’s a perfect plane for each flight. Europair, a leading private jet charter specialist in the region, has created an aircraft guide to help you make that best decision based on your requirements.

Entry Level Jets (VLJ)

Island-hopping between Spain’s hottest summer spots like Mallorca, Ibiza or Menorca? If you’re looking for something functional and cost-efficient for a short route, but without compromising luxury, then an Entry Level Jet is what you’re after. They are the most agile aircraft in the market, they can operate in shorter runways like Saint-Tropez in France and have lower operational costs than larger business jets. Some of the most common Entry Level Jets (VLJ) are the Phenom 100 and the Hondajet, considered as top of its class.

There are plenty of options when choosing a private aircraft to move within Europe

Light Jets

Imagine you want to hide away in a remote Mediterranean island and wonder how to get there seamlessly when there is no direct commercial flight. A private connecting flight at one of Europe’s busiest hubs is what you need. For example, you might want to book a scheduled flight to Brussels (Belgium) and hop onto a light jet to Greece’s beautiful Corfu island. Light jets are perfect for this mission, as they are relatively fast, come with larger cabins than entry level jets and can seat a couple more passengers. The Cessna CJ3 is a benchmark within this segment.

Super Light and Midsize Jets

The Hawker 800 is a very popular model with excellent comfort levels; cabins with great width and height; and long-range capabilities

These jets adapt to longer routes that also require a large luggage storage or a wider cabin. For instance, when travelling to a ski and snow destination as Geneva, you might want to take your family and full ski equipment, as well as winter clothing and accessories. Examples of the leading jets in this segment are the Cessna Citation XLS and the Hawker Beechcraft, 800 and 900 models.

Heavy Jets

If comfort and luxury is a must in your business or leisure flight in Europe, then the Heavy Jets won’t let you down. Seating up to 15 passengers and with a lower operational cost than ultra-long-range jets, some of these aircraft have been specifically designed for mid-range routes, for example when flying from the sandy beaches of Spain’s Costa del Sol to Finland’s reindeers and saunas. Due to their size and luxury interior, they are the perfect jets to impress your travel companions, with room and amenities for a superior inflight service. The Embraer Legacy 650 is the gold standard of this segment.

As aviation technology evolves, private jets are only getting faster

As you can read, there’s the right jet for every flight and need. The private jet broker’s added value is to analyze all these requirements and thanks to its market knowledge tailor a proposal, from start to finish, with the aim to deliver a superior service. Most travelers arrive in Europe via a commercial flight, but then need to connect with a private jet to reach remote locations or to depart as soon as possible without having to rely on rigid schedules.

Options are endless. Just recently, for example, a client entrusted Europair with the organization of a very special marriage proposal in the sky: A Legacy 650 filled with rose petals flying straight to a romantic weekend in the French Riviera. You see? Customization in this market knows no limits.

Would you like to know the rates of a private flight to your dream destination in Europe? Visit Europair’s website and get an instant quote with price, type of aircraft and availability here or download the Europair Jets app.