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The top 10 luxury car features to invest in this year

These incredible features will definitely enhance the experience of owning and driving a car.

By LLM Reporters  |  July 21, 2022
Interior of new luxury super sport car.

There’s just something about luxury cars that few of us can resist, and from their smooth lines and sleek, high-tech interiors to that satisfying feeling of putting your foot down and feeling them gather speed, a supercar is the ultimate purchase for any self-confessed motoring enthusiast and the perfect addition to any prized collection.

Synonymous with exclusivity and prestige, manufacturers like Bentley, Mercedes, Audi, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Porsche, Aurus, Tesla, and Range Rover have all become some of the most highly sought-after over a number of years, with heritage and reputation just two of the ingredients that make them so appealing.

While there’s no denying that driving a shiny new model off the forecourt is an attractive thought, there’s also a lot to be said for used luxury vehicles, with many classic cars often fetching eye-watering prices at auction. And, with sites like CarShield review providing the lowdown on the very best buys for both investment and enjoyment, it’s easier than ever to find unique high-end drives from times gone by.

Even so, for many affluent buyers, it’s the latest and greatest features of the most sought-after new cars that truly win them over – so if you’re preparing for the mother of all splurges on a brand new model, then these are the ones to look out for.

1. Safe storage 

The majority of luxury car owners tend to have the expensive belongings to match, but impressive vehicles that naturally catch the attention of passers by can also become targets for criminals, so it’s important to be able to store your prized possessions safely and keep them out of view while parked.

Thankfully, the most up-to-date high-end cars have got you covered with their innovative new biometric storage systems, which are located between the armrests of the front seats and can only be opened using your personal biometric data.

The rear seats of the luxury car in real wood and leather and the multimedia screen
Let’s face it, buying a luxury car isn’t just about the practical features, but the experience, too – and this includes both the aesthetic appeal and ambience it has to offer

2. Massaging seats

Whether you use your car for business or pleasure, driving can often feel like a stressful experience – particularly if you’re having to go long distance. If you already suffer from aches and pains, having to sit still for hours on end can soon begin to take its toll, too – so what better way to remedy the situation than by splashing out on some massaging seats?

The ultimate luxury feature, they certainly make for an indulgent way to travel, and will ensure you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, fresh, and ready to face whatever comes next.

3. Fragrance dispenser

You may have noticed that these days, many five-star hotels have turned to fragrancing their communal spaces to add a little something extra to the ambience and overall experience – and now, you can do the same thing in your car. But gone are the days of tacky dangling air fresheners, as today’s lavish drives feature their very own fragrance dispensers, which slowly disperse your favourite scent over time to keep things subtle.

Best of all, you can change up your fragrances to suit your mood, and opt for essential oils that are relaxing, uplifting or energising. When it comes to personalising your travel experience, it really doesn’t get much better.

4. Passenger and driver safety

Luxury car manufacturers are known for incorporating the latest technological innovations into their designs, and one of the areas that has been receiving particular attention of late is that of driver, pedestrian, and passenger safety. 

The latest safety features allow automatic emergency braking (AEB) on detecting a pedestrian, forward collision warning, and blind spot warning. The safety feature also facilitates a flawless experience by offering both audio and visual assisted driving.

Man uses multimedia system control in luxury car BMW IX.
The latest high-end cars come with air balancing systems that help to ionise the air in the cabin. Image credit: Vladimka/

5. Champagne chiller

What could be better than a toast to the good life while you travel? Many modern luxury car models will now allow you to do just that – although of course, this one’s for the passengers, not the driver. A built-in fridge means you’ll never have to pack a cool box again, and is usually located between the backseats to allow for easy passenger access. It is big enough to accommodate a champagne bottle and a few glasses, but if you’re travelling with kids then it’s also a great place to store some snacks and soft drinks for long  journeys. Cheers to enjoying a chilled and sunny road drive this summer.

6. Escape system

Unfortunately, accidents do sometimes happen, and while you’ll no doubt be devastated to see your expensive car damaged, the first priority is yours and your passengers’ safety. Sometimes, the impact of a crash or the position in which your vehicle lands could make it difficult to get out, particularly if the doors get stuck – so give yourself optimal peace of mind by investing in a car with an emergency escape system to ensure you’ll always have an escape route should you need it. The escape system will usually be found at the rear of your vehicle. 

7. Décor and ambience

Let’s face it, buying a luxury car isn’t just about the practical features, but the experience, too – and this includes both the aesthetic appeal and ambience it has to offer. Look out for stylish touches – like seats that are hand-stitched with authentic leather or recycled material. Add a few touches of expensive wood to create that luxurious feel as you enjoy the ride, and a sound system to provide the perfect background music, and you’re good to go.

car engine
V6s and V8s are prime examples of engines that require premium fuel, making for an all-round impressive and adrenaline-fuelled driving experience

8. Legroom 

Many high-end cars neglect to provide sufficient legroom for passengers, particularly those who are travelling in the back. If you have a family, then be sure to bear this in mind and ensure there is ample space for them to travel comfortably before you buy – and if you tend to travel with business colleagues or friends, ensure there is plenty of room for taller people who may be joining you on occasion.

9. Air balancing

While there’s a lot to be said for fragrancing your luxury vehicle, sometimes, you just want a breath of fresh air. A quality natural ventilation system is thus key, particularly when travelling through cities where the outside air tends to be polluted and unclean. The latest high-end cars come with air balancing systems that help to ionise the air in the cabin, ensuring it’s always fresh and clean, so if you’re concerned about staying in good health, then it’s a feature well worth looking out for.

10. Engines and fuel economy

We generally tend to associate luxury cars with powerful engines. V6s and V8s are prime examples, and require premium fuel, making for an all-round impressive and adrenaline-fuelled driving experience.

Another exciting feature of these cars’ engines is their transmission, with exclusive automatic transmission of speeds between six and nine available. Considering the current supply chain issues surrounding fuel, luxury cars with many gear transitions can be a great choice, offering greater economy when it comes to fuel without compromising on performance.