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The top 5 luxury family cars for 2020

By Jess Marshall  |  March 23, 2020

The vast majority of us will spend approximately six decades with a car in the driveway, and it is estimated that the average driver spends four years of their life behind the wheel. Some of our most cherished family memories can happen in cars. Maybe you remember driving around the block to get your new baby to sleep, or driving your child to their first ballet lesson. Perhaps it’s your first family road-trip, or the terrifying experience of teaching your kids how to drive.

Whatever happy memories you have in cars, they are a huge part of our lives. They get us safely from A to B and, when they are really great, they also provide us with that extra hint of opulence while gliding down the road. Whether you are looking for something to commute to work in, run errands or pick the kids up from school in, we at Luxury Lifestyle Magazine want our readers and their families to enjoy the most modern, stylish, and comfortable vehicles around.

With this in mind we asked the experts at Refused Car Finance, specialists in joint car finance, for their list of five luxury family cars perfect for your 2020 adventures

Land Rover Discovery

We really are starting off with a tried and tested favourite. The Land Rover Discovery is the perfect vehicle for large families due to its seven full-size seats, immense capacity for storage and the latest technologies. The outside is refined and sculpted; its design retaining a sense of elegance despite its size and to top it all off, the inside is a master-class in engineering.

BMW 7 Series

Next is a classic BMW 7 Series. This is one for the style lovers out there who don’t want to compromise the practical aspects of a family car. The sleek satin finish on the body of the car solidifies it as an incontestable statement automobile; a vehicle many will envy as its parked in your drive way or darting down the motorway. Speaking of motorways there’s nothing quite like the comfort of exquisite Nappa or Merino leather seats for ultimate relaxation on long journeys. Additionally, full HD touch screens and massage seats will keep the kids and in-laws quiet for hours. Talk about luxury for the whole family!

Jaguar XJ

The thing that sets the Jaguar XJ apart from its luxury saloon competitors is the craftsmanship that is poured into this state-of-the-art vehicle. With a 479-litre boot perfect for storage, Start/Stop technology that improves fuel efficiency and reduces the cars carbon footprint, exceptional legroom – always important – and its iconic design, including the distinctive upright grille and LED head/tail lights, it will be hard to take your eyes off this exceptional vehicle.

Range Rover

If you are looking for practicality above all else, the Range Rover is the car for you. This is a family car through and through. With up to 1,943 litres of room and 5 seats this one is perfectly equipped for those family holidays where you just can’t bare to leave the kitchen sink behind. The great news is that this vehicle does not sacrifice appearance for functionality but rather excels at both. Flaunting the classic beauty of a Range Rover with improved function and features, this car is a staple of presence and gravitas on and off the road.

Audi A8

This last car may look more compact than some of the other cars on this list, but don’t let this saloon fool you, partner. This spitfire of an automobile is full of surprises. Audi’s website boasts ‘sophistication in every detail’ and it’s easy too see why! Equipped with MMI Navigation Plus, Cruise and Lane Assist, Audi Pre-Sense and it’s very own Parking System, this is one impressive car! For that extra tad of luxury you will also enjoy leather seats, a leather steering wheel and a range of 10 colours to choose from! You are spoilt.

Joint car finance is a super easy option if you are struggling to get approved for car finance alone. The basics are that you apply with another person, and both your details are used to support the application for the same car. Quick, easy and a great way to secure that luxury family car you’ve always wanted, just in time for summer 2020!

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