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How to maintain a healthy weight while enjoying a luxury lifestyle

When living a life that involves regular fine-dining meals in fancy eateries and lavish trips away, it’s easy to assume that an unhealthy lifestyle has to come with it, especially when you view it as a treat each time you head to a restaurant or the airport. Your resolve is soon to vanish if your head is telling you that these are special occasions that don’t come around often and are to be treated with a ‘why not?’ attitude.

However, if this luxurious lifestyle is no stranger to you then you then the great news is that you can certainly find ways to stay healthy, motivated and eat well while travelling, especially if you are in the process of losing weight. A shift in mindset is all you need and a little resolve, of course! If you need some handy hints to help you along your way then read on to see how you can enjoy a plush lifestyle, while remaining healthy too.

Make good choices when dining out

We’re not suggesting that every meal has to be the healthy choice (some menus even highlight these options) but that a second glance at the menu can be beneficial to you. Perhaps a vegetarian option – not loaded with cheddar – is the way for you, maybe skip the bread and have one less glass of wine (oh so many calories in alcohol) and choose the vegetable side dish or salad over a potato option. Fish is delectable and healthy, while game is a great meat to go for, being the leanest, as the meat is wild and therefore holds less fat than a farm animal, it also happens to predominantly be rich and delicious too. No one is suggesting you have to turn into a fussy eater and make demands of the kitchen team to suit your desires – unless you want to of course, in which case I am sure they would be happy to accommodate or advise on the best dishes to suit you.

If you are staying away then consider your breakfast options. It may be very tempting to attack the breakfast buffet like you’re not going to eat for a week – especially when there are so many tantalising options like pastries, muffins and pancakes – but this won’t do you any good if you’re trying to sustain weight loss. Carb loading is fine if you’re going to spend your day doing something vigorous, but the fish, egg and fruit options are plentiful on breakfast menus and will set you up better for your day exploring your holiday destination.

The options are all there, just choose wisely, and you will surely enjoy your time just as much as you would have if you had opted for the high-calorie dishes.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle at home

Healthy woman enjoy making green vegetables detox cleanse and green fruit smoothie with blender in kitchen at home.dieting concept.healthy lifestyle

The most important tip for sensible weight loss is to look after yourself when you’re at home. You are more than likely going to spend most of your days in your home town than away (unless you are that lucky!), in which case it’s really key to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle, day to day.

If you’re lucky enough to have a personal chef then you’re life is bound to be full of flavoursome, delicious food that is also, no doubt, healthy too, and if you prepare meals yourself then you can pick foods that you know will be good for you, while supplementing any diet you follow with products like Chocolite.

Keeping up a good workout routine will also ensure that your mind and body is taken care of so that when you go away you can relax a little with food choices, or not worry if there aren’t too many healthy options to choose from.

Exercise while away

All good hotels have decent gyms in which you can exercise in and are largely full of the most fancy equipment. Exercise classes are often available to partake in and, if you’re residing in a villa, then that pool will be your friend to keep you energised and relaxed too (as well as the pools in the spa hotels).

It’s always more fun having a swim while you’re away in a spa than travelling to your local leisure centre or to have to care for your own pool at home – it almost doesn’t feel like exercise then! Create a routine early on in your trip that you can maintain throughout – a morning dip in the pool and visit to the steam room will leave you feeling amazing and ready to start the day on a positive note.

And while you’re out and about taking in the sights and culture around you then the best way to do this, where possible, is on foot! Ditch the taxi and explore the area for yourself, check Google maps and ask yourself if transport is really needed or if it will be more thrilling to discover your destination by walking.