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3 top tips for the lazy gardener

By LLM Reporters  |  August 19, 2020

Not everyone who owns a garden is green-fingered, a fact that so many of us are all too aware of. But this doesn’t mean that when we live somewhere with a sprawling garden, we shouldn’t make the most of the joy it can bring.

Everyone can take time to appreciate the beauty of nature and there’s nothing quite like heading outside after a day’s work for an al fresco dinner or hosting a few friends for a weekend barbecue. Reclining in your own private outdoor space may be just what you desire and, whether you want your sanctuary to be full of colour, lush vegetation, boast a water feature or take inspiration from all corners of the globe, even the least keen gardener should be able to revel in this.

For those who want the best of both worlds, we’ve shortlisted some of our top tips for the lazy gardener.

Install an irrigation with pump system

You will want to keep your garden looking luscious

Every garden will have some life in it, even the most easy to maintain variations and, in order to grow and continue looking fabulous, this life will need a little water. In fact, in summer, plant life needs quite a bit of watering to keep it healthy and luscious and if you’re too busy to get the garden hose out on a daily basis then we have the perfect solution for you.

Installing an irrigation system with a pump is the ideal way to ensure your plants get just the amount of water they desire and John Peterson of tells us why. “A water pump irrigation system can last for 10 years and beyond with maintenance only required every six months. They are very efficient systems, sprinkling water effectively throughout the desired areas of your garden and they are also fairly easy to install too, with a little extra effort required for the pump. But it’s worth it for the uniform coverage the sprinklers provide and for the fact that water pumps are the optimum choice for transporting high pressure water across your garden.”

Opt for low maintenance plants

Coneflowers, or echinaceas, are a top choice for year after year colour in your garden

When planning any updates or redesigns of your outdoor spaces it’s always a good idea to opt for low maintenance versions if you’re not the keenest of gardeners. We’re not considering paving over the entire area until there is no greenery in sight, of course, but choosing elements that provide you with an enviable space while providing a low level of care is probably a good idea.

When considering greenery, perennials are the top choice. Literally translating to ‘through the years’ these plants, by definition, live for more than two years and after planting often require very little effort from yourself. Popular flowering perennials include lavender, daylilles, peonies and coneflowers while larger options include apple trees, cheery trees and the hawthorn, which all sprout colourful blossoms too.

Hire a professional in to maintain your garden

Hiring a professional to tend to your garden saves you from doing more harm than good

Whatever style of garden you have and however big or small your outdoor space, there will always be weeds to tend to, the blighters wait for no one and if you’re not careful they can take over more favourable plants in your garden, even finding their way through patios, decking and chippings if they are feeling particularly awkward.

In this case it is certainly a good idea to hire in a professional to take care of the general maintenance of your garden and leave it looking just as you desire. A top tip is to bring in a horticulturalist who will consider what you want from your garden and will cultivate and manage your plant life to the maximum, it’s always best to let them take care of your flora rather than ripping things out at will.