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5 ways to transform your bedroom to luxury status

By LLM Reporters  |  June 22, 2021

Are you looking to give your bedroom the luxurious makeover it so deserves? Whether you need to overhaul your room in time for hot summer sleeping or you simply have the desire to redecorate your slumber space we are here to make the transition as fuss-free as possible for you. Transforming your room doesn’t have to be a massive overhaul – though if you want to go all out and hire in an interior designer and a professional decorating team, then feel free, but you can undertake some of the improvements yourself if you feel you have what it takes.

When it comes to transforming any space in your home you will need to identify what you want the room to be – with a bedroom it is always going to be a space of relaxation, embodying peacefulness and calm, but it can also be a place where you express your style, too. You spend around a third of your life in your bedroom, so it needs to work for you in all the ways that you desire. Here, we take a look at five ways to transform your bedroom to elevate it to luxury status.

A popular look for a bedroom consists of a calm and relaxing vibe with cool, neutral tones

Choose your theme

First things first, you need to choose what theme or style you would like your new bedroom to have, this way you can ensure that your designs, purchases and styling all works in harmony to create the desired effect. Pinterest is an incredibly helpful platform as it can show you a huge range of examples as well as provide you with colour palettes, themes and ideas that you may never have thought of. Themes could consist of a calm and relaxing vibe with cool, neutral tones; a cheerful, floral theme with pops of colour or a super stylish luxe hotel bedroom with all the mod cons.  

Pick a new bed

The bed is no doubt the focal point of the bedroom as it generally takes up the most space. It is also the most important aspect as it is the item that can provide you with a restful night’s sleep, so making sure that you have the most comfortable bed is key. Large beds with delightful plush mattresses are a great place to start – you can even opt for a bed with a soft and sumptuous headboard to relax against with your evening book or morning coffee. Make sure to buy the finest sheets, pillows and duvet to envelope you and make it stylish with a cushy throw and scatter cushions.

Bedroom lighting doesn’t just have to consist of a ceiling light with a pretty lampshade and a bedside lamp, upgrade your room with modern options

Upgrade your lighting

Bedroom lighting doesn’t just have to consist of a ceiling light with a pretty lampshade and a bedside lamp; you can really upgrade your space and transform your bedroom with the right lighting. Lighting controls next to your bed are a must and soft lighting works well here. A reading light and dimmable options should also be considered, and if you want to go all out consider electronic blinds or curtains.  

Add life with houseplants

Plants are a great way to brighten, cleanse, and add some colour to your bedroom without taking up too much space, and they also add some life to your room. If you’re worried about having to care for a houseplant and you’re not all that green-fingered then you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of easy-care plants out there that don’t need too much attention.

Invest in some art

Hanging meaningful art in your room is perhaps one of the best ways to finish off your newly designed room. Art has a way of tying together a design, creating a point of interest and it can elevate your room while showcasing your personality and what matters to you at the same time.