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6 gorgeous design ideas to take your kitchen to the next level

By LLM Reporters  |  January 11, 2021

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen this year? Whether you are planning on a complete overhaul of the space or you’re thinking more of smaller updates and you like to stamp your style on your home interiors, we think we have just what you need that will work with all styles, from modern design kitchens to the rustic cottage look.

The beauty of kitchen renovations is that there is plenty of scope in which you can make a redesign work for you. If you have an existing kitchen that you don’t mind keeping for another few years but you would like to add some key features to bring the look into the present, or perhaps it’s time to gut the room, add an extension, some bi-fold doors and really go for it, you’ll no doubt be looking for inspiration.

There are basic principles when looking at a kitchen redesign, such as creating the ‘golden triangle’ – the key features of the sink, stove and refrigerator in, you guessed it, a triangular shape – and there plenty of options out there when it comes to the overall look, but what do you do when it comes time to inject a little bit of your personal style into the space?

Unique lighting and existing design features make for an interesting space

Here, we have shortlisted a selection of six unique and gorgeous design features to add some personality and luxury to your new kitchen.

Accentuating with accents

Have you had your eye on a designer lighting feature, a one-off vase or a colourful piece of art and you’re not sure where it would fit in your home? Consider the kitchen as the place to make a statement out of your accent piece/s. This is a great way to add a pop of colour or personality to an otherwise fairly functional space and will make for a good talking point when you have visitors.

Mix up the textures, colours and patterns

If you’re really looking for your kitchen to stand out from the rest, then how about foregoing the usual rules when it comes to colour and print matching and just go for a whole unique look of your own that you won’t find on a showroom floor? We’re imagining all of the eclectic vibes with marble in differing tones, pastel shades mixed with deep colours and a patterned floor with a gorgeous stand-out wallpaper. Throw the rulebook out the window and fully embrace your style and personality.

Play with colour and let your personality shine through

Going for gold

If you love a bit of glitz, glamour and the Vegas vibe why not embrace the lacquered look and go gold with your kitchen features? Think gold taps and sink, gold appliances, mirrored gold cupboard fronts or perhaps keep it to the accents with lighting features and door handles. We aren’t necessarily suggesting you bring all of the gold features in at once, but if you want to, then that’s your choice.

Bring your kitchen to life

Well, not quite, but by incorporating a lot of kitchen friendly plants you will certainly be bringing life into the kitchen. House plants are perfect for brightening up the area and you could make a feature wall with lots of plant-filled shelves, or use baskets suspended from the ceiling for trailing plants. You could even create your very own mini greenhouse and grow some lovely smelling herbs to use in your cooking.

A sleek all-black theme can give your kitchen that uniqueness you so desire

Embrace existing unique design features

Are you longing to hide that awkward pipe or you’re not quite sure how to cover over the exposed brick wall? Perhaps you’re blessed with ceiling beams, but you actually just want to make them go away. Consider flipping the coin and instead of hiding the odd features you have, embrace the differences that present themselves to you. Paint the pipe a stand-out colour, let the wall and beams tell their stories and you will be on your way to a design led kitchen, almost by accident.

Have fun with colour

As we touched on above, incorporating different colour styles into your kitchen can certainly stand out, but if you fancy trying something different to the above then consider a monochrome look in the space. Differing shades of green, blue, or a sleek all-black theme can give your kitchen that uniqueness you so desire.

If you’d rather let the colour sing a bit louder then clash bright colours or think about painting the ceiling, floor or the inside of the cupboards to complement or clash with the overall look. Perhaps you have a modern all-white look and a flash of orange from inside the cupboards will give the personality your desire. It’s time to get creative.