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How to create a chic bedroom for summer

Summer is the ideal time to redesign your bedroom to give it a fresh and chic look. With increased daylight and warmer evenings, there are many different décor changes which should be considered to make your bedroom as comfortable and stylish as possible.

As your bedroom should be a haven of relaxation, Terrys Fabrics have considered some of the top ways to ensure it has the most beautiful chic aesthetic for summer.

Let in the Light

Summer months mean longer daylight hours, so why not take advantage of this in your bedroom by changing your curtains. For achieving maximum daylight, whilst still gaining privacy, why not introduce a lighter fabric such as silk or voile curtains for sale at Terrys Fabrics. Pairing these with a sleek blackout blind will ensure come dusk you are able to get a comfortable night’s sleep, whilst still maximising light in the daytime.

When choosing the perfect curtains for your room, remember to consider the size of the room you are dressing. For smaller spaces, consider hanging the curtain pole just below the ceiling line and allow your curtains to hang to the floor, giving an elegant, chic look which instantly makes the room look bigger.

Summer months mean longer daylight hours, so why not take advantage of this in your bedroom by changing your curtains

Colour Scheme

One of the first things to consider when redesigning your bedroom for summer is the colour scheme. For a luxurious look, perfecting your colour palette is a must. Neutral colours such as greys, whites and muted browns can all help to convey a relaxed chic atmosphere. Consider pairing neutrals with a pop of a darker colour on the wall, or splashes of a bolder darker colours throughout the room to add to the aesthetic.

Pastel colour schemes are also ideal for chic summer bedrooms, why not pair mint greens with blushed pinks to create your summery bedroom style. Adding brighter accents of colour can help to give a contemporary feel.

Remember, when choosing your summer bedroom colour scheme that lighter tones will help to give a cooler feel to the room, ideal for the warmer months.

The Centrepiece

At the heart of every chic bedroom is of course the centrepiece, the bed. Often underplayed, the bed can pull the whole aesthetic together when dressed correctly. Why not give your bedroom a finished chic look by investing in some high quality cotton white sheets, and top them with a beautiful bedding set?

Remember to stay in line with your colour scheme, but in order to keep your bed looking fresh, dress it in lighter colours such as white, pastels or muted tones. Colours such as taupe or grey can be just as tasteful as the classic white. As you’re dressing your bed for the summer months, choose lightweight covers and throws which can be added or removed depending on the temperature of the evening.

For an ultimate transformation why not consider investing in a new bed altogether. Light coloured woods paired with your muted textiles will create a beautiful look and feel to the room.


Clear rooms mean clear minds, so before you start to transform your bedroom, decluttering is a must. Removing unwanted and unnecessary items can help with increased air flow in the warmer months, along with adding to that chic and fresh feel.

Try removing items such as rugs, which can add heat, and endeavour to keep the floor as clear as possible. In order to create the luxury chic space you desire, the bedroom should only include items which are necessary or loved.

One of the key ways to keep your bedroom as chic as possible is to choose the right accessories


One of the key ways to keep your bedroom as chic as possible is to choose the right accessories. A simple change such as replacing lampshades with lighter colours and classy shapes can instantly transform a side table. Mirrors are also fabulous additions to bedrooms, giving the illusion of a bigger and brighter space, why not add a full-length leaning mirror to make a statement.

Also consider other accessories in your bedroom such as any artwork you have displayed, and if this ties in with your lighter colour scheme and if not, this should be replaced with something which will tie the room together.

Adding those final touches to your room is important and a final consideration for the perfect room is cushions. If your bedding suits, why not add some complimentary coloured decorative cushions, or perhaps if you have an armchair or chaise longue in your room, consider accenting this with contrasting but complimentary cushions.

Remember that accessorising can often be overdone, and in order to stay as chic as possible in your styling, keep it minimal and light.

In order to create the ultimate chic summer bedroom, remember to consider all aspects of the room which can be made lighter, from the fabrics to the colour scheme and remember to still inject some of your personality in to the styling. A perfectly decorated bedroom, will greatly improve sleep quality and help improve mood, so why not give your bedroom a summer makeover.