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How to create a spa-style oasis in your bathroom

White double sink on wood counter with a round mirror hanging above it in a luxury marble and wooden wall bathroom interior. Spa Hotel. Deck chair 3d rendering

Transforming an ordinary bathroom into a spa can create a gratifying environment and bring a sense of escapism and indulgence to the home.

Strengthened by the wellness trend, spa-style bathroom designs have gained further popularity and it is understandable to see why, as those who have travelled and stayed in luxurious hotel rooms have gained the desire to have these pampering spaces in their homes.

Those who have this aspiration also live busy lifestyles, therefore a lack of personal time has encouraged many to pursue self-indulgent opportunities by transforming their bathrooms into a wellness area, where relaxation is something they can look forward too after a hectic day at work and in the comfort of their own homes.

bathroom interior,clean toilet,shower,modern home design 3d rendering for copy space background white tile bathroom
Indulgence: create a sense of peace and luxury only normally found away from home

Luckily for you, creating a spa-style oasis is more attainable than previously imagined. By acknowledging the specifics of what you want, you automatically narrow the array of choices, however, observing trends are also significant if you want to create a timeless style.

If you visit a spa nowadays, you will notice that there is a subtle usage of wood and honed stone finishes that are often used in combination with brass fittings or industrial copper. Previous styles used to focus on extremely polished looks, however, they have slowly shifted away from this, as the attention is now on natural materials.

An easy way of incorporating these natural elements is by using patterned tiles. Tiles can create the appearance of wooden planks, as well as pebbles, and have the bonus of being maintenance-free — combining these elements will create a sense of tranquillity and luxury.

Modern contemporary bathroom 3d rendering image.Decorate wall and floor with wood .There are large windows look out to see the nature
Taking cues from luxury hotels, the spa-style bathroom combines clean lines, slick materials and natural stone

Another feature that one could add when transforming the bathroom is underfloor heating. Whilst this is an added expense, it will improve the overall feel entirely and will be extremely comforting during the colder months.

Similarly, a focus on neutral colour tones can create a sense of serenity that will allow you to indulge and unwind easily — consider your personal preference, yet remember that darker tones will have a heavier presence on the environment.

Once you have decided your colour palette then you can move on to selecting the ideal features. From luxurious baths from leading luxury brands such as Tavistock Bathrooms to experience showers, the choice is yours to add as many spa elements as you wish. Why not have a chromotherapy tub to calm you and a shower that showcases waterfalls, misters and body jet features to create a multi-sensory experience?

Interior of the modern design bathroom 3D rendering
The spa look eschews gleaming metal and cool porcelain in favour of neutral hues, wooden and stone textures

With exciting technological developments, you can easily add impressive steam and sauna elements to your spa-style oasis. Similarly, delve into the array of hi-tech items that you could add, such as a massage mat. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could also consider adding a steam enclosure, where you can reduce toxins, clear your lungs and cleanse your skin.

Equally, if you have enough space to fit all of the aforementioned features, then why not go the extra mile and incorporate an enclosed sauna room? Not only will it be an impressive addition to your spa-style bathroom, but it will also give you an extra element to indulge in.

An important element that one must remember when creating their very own spa-style oasis in their bathrooms, is the lighting. If the lights are too bright, you will undoubtedly struggle to relax and if the room is too dark, then it could be a potential hazard. To create the perfect ambience, you should find the perfect balance by using dimmable lights — easily adjustable, a soothing feel will be possible by creating a warm glow.

Spa resort composition- wooden plate and towel, place for relaxation in modern wellness center, Warm atmosphere in spa resort, Close up of spa essentials and towels on wooden tray in bathroom, essential oil. Spa products set conception.
A luxurious spa-style bathroom is meant to create a sense of peace and wellness

Before starting the transformation, you would’ve had an idea of the aesthetic. If not, then gain inspiration by simply researching ideas and create a mood-board. Whether you aim to have an uncluttered haven that resembles a Japanese retreat, a modern ambience with tropical plants or a Scandinavian-style spa, your newly improved bathroom should be a space to escape, indulge and relax after a long day.

Remember that regardless of the final look, a luxurious spa-style bathroom is meant to create a sense of peace and wellness, so that you can self-indulge in moments of tender loving care.