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How to create the perfect Mediterranean retreat in your own garden

By LLM Reporters  |  March 27, 2020

With trips away postponed until a later date, it leaves us nothing to do but dream about those destinations that bring us calm and harmony. For many the Mediterranean is the place that conjures up so many happy memories from past holidays, from the beautiful scenery to the fabulous food and welcoming hospitality from its residents.

Though the prime holiday destinations of Italy, France and Greece might be alluding us right now, there’s no reason that you can’t bring some of this Mediterranean charm to your home or, more specifically, your garden.

Gaze into your garden and you might just wince, a total redesign isn’t a quick job, but with an added amount of time on your hands and a little gap before the really good weather makes its appearance, this could just be the right time to renovate you outdoor space. On the other hand, perhaps your garden space has plenty of potential for a smaller makeover, maybe it has an existing simple design but is crying out for a bit of personality.

If you have a home that is well designed, well maintained, and looks welcoming and luxurious, you will no doubt want a garden that mimics that. There is, of course, little point in having a home you love but a mediocre or unfinished garden.

Whenever you get around to it, we’ve got you covered, so start planning your very own Mediterranean retreat using these inspirational design elements and you’ll have a garden that you’ll want to spend every moment in, quarantine or no quarantine.

Hard ground

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With all the sun in the Med, it’s difficult to maintain a lush lawn so plenty of gravel or paved areas are perfect substitute. Use gravel or paving slabs to create walkways with statues and other features carefully placed either centrally or at corners creating the ideal focal points. Another benefit of gravel is that is creates a much easier to care for garden without the look of messy, overgrown grass, so you can forego the mower, this is a win-win situation!

Alternatively get creative and design a part of the ground that will invoke a traditional Spanish space. Using pebbles and cobbles to create intricate designs, these were used as ancient pavements and you can spruce up your space with a cleverly laid out pattern too.

Water features

Adding something unique to your social space like a fountain will add a luxury feel and create a fabulous focal point for your garden, while cooling the hot air too. This will really invoke that Italian Renaissance style, especially if paired with some surrounding clipped hedges to create a geometric pattern or well-placed topiary.

If you would prefer something free-standing or wall-mounted, have a look at the range of outdoor fountains by Soothing Company, they have some truly magnificent pieces that will create a wow factor in any outdoor space.

As with any garden design, planning is key, and with an array of elements to try and incorporate, it is all the more important to consider how best to lay everything out. This is especially valuable when working out where to place a water feature as you want it to stand out.

Shaded seating areas

One of the first things that springs to mind when you think of holidays abroad is al fresco dining. Within a Mediterranean garden, this should encompass a pergola to add shade to the area so you can be comfortable when sitting down for a meal. Climbing roses and wisteria will flourish over a pergola and will certainly create that enviable space to dine at. Pair this with some colourful Mediterranean tiling on the ground or wall and you will be well on your way to a southern European escape.

When you simply want to relax create an area that you can use for reclining only. There are lots of choices available in terms of outdoor seating, but for the most luxurious look, you probably want to go for high-end garden sofas with comfortable and inviting cushions and throws that you can sink into.

Pots and containers

Clay terracotta pots and vases offer that classic look and are a great way to hold flowers, while keeping your garden looking neat and tidy and adding that all important colour. Flowers such as marigolds, petunias, and daisies will thrive in full sun whilst the likes of viola and cowslip primrose will perform better in the shade. Flowers are also a great way to attract nature to your garden. If you are keen on having a garden greeted by butterflies and bees regularly, you might want to consider planting buddleia, clematis, and hyacinth.

Adding a mixture of colour and greenery can help to create a fabulous eye-catching garden. Just remember to keep pots well-watered as they have less water reserves than flowers planted in the ground.

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