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Interesting interiors: 10 eye-catching ideas for gold and brass bathroom faucet finishes

By LLM Reporters  |  October 19, 2020

Nothing says opulence like gold finishing touches within home décor and with the increasing trend in recent years for the incorporation of metallic accents, now is a good a time as any to bring in these dashing elements.

More recently a new golden age in bathroom design has emerged with gold and brass faucet finishes promising an on-trend look, as modelled in celebrity homes across the world. From brushed gold to satin bronze, the options that manufacturers are putting out there are varied and plentiful, giving you the perfect opportunity to find something to suit your elegant style to a tee.

As well as making your home look oh-so stylish and luxurious, any bathroom update is sure to update the overall value of your abode – perfect if you’re looking to sell up in the coming years. Don’t be afraid to spend more on that gold single-hole faucet or that brass freestanding tub faucet – this is the time to go big and give your bathroom a contemporary feel enveloped in opulent aesthetics.

In terms of appearance, modern gold and brass are nearly identical so this is about personal taste. The quality generally varies by the manufacturer as with other design finishes, so stick with one manufacturer in order to make sure the details match up. Both gold and brass function well with dark finishes such as matte black, according to this buying guide as this can create the ultimate feeling of opulence in the bathroom.

When in doubt – stick to black and white. This timeless combination ensures that you can’t go wrong, and it gives the bathroom a highly sophisticated vibe

If you’re sold on the idea of gold or brass fittings for your high-end designer bathroom and you’re now looking for inspiration on how to style these finishing touches, then we have some ideas for you. Gold has never shined as bright so read on for 10 eye-catching concepts for gold and brass bathroom faucet finishes that you can integrate into your luxurious bathroom.

Combine with a rustic look

Mixing rustic with hints of luxury is the way to go if you want to make your bathroom stand out and give it a vintage/retro vibe. The gold faucet will set the scene while the rest of the rustic details such as wood panelling will give it that classy touch.

Gold and white marble

Nothing screams luxury like gold and marble. Walk into any five-star hotel in Saint Tropez or Dubai, and the bathroom will highlight gold coupled with white marble countertops and a minimalist white backsplash. Gold and marble go together like peas and carrots, so if you’re looking for a timeless look, this is it.

Put your twist on it

Gold faucets don’t only work with high-end materials like marble, so why not try out something creative like bare concrete or exposed brick on the wall? Using materials that are uncommon can give the bathroom a high-end designer look that makes it stand out from the rest.

Whether you want to go subtle or add a flourish of colour, gold matches well with so many tones

Combine it with wallpaper

Wallpaper in the bathroom you ask? Yes, wallpaper is back and is sure to be found in the latest and trendiest bathrooms. A favourite among designers who want to make bold statements in the bathroom, wallpaper with bold patterns and warm tones are a good complement for the gold and brass faucets, just make sure it is designed for the bathroom as it will be washable and durable.

Get a gold wall mount

You will want every inch of your bathroom to look like a designer has had a hand in its creation so make sure you opt for a matching wall mount for that perfect finish. Don’t be tempted to save with a typical steel mount – every other part of the room will have been carefully considered so don’t get lazy here. You will want the fittings to stand out so ensure your wall mount matches perfectly.

Install two vanities

If you want to go for the ultimate luxury look, and you have the space, installing two vanities in the bathroom instead of one will offer that luxe look. Double up on your fashion statement and install two gleaming gold faucets and let your bathroom shine.

Get a larger faucet

You won’t want to go overboard with matching up your accessories and trimmings so don’t be tempted to add too much bling in your bathroom. If you want to make the most of the metallics, instead of adding other gold or brass touches, why not go for an oversized faucet if you have the opportunity to do so? The bathtub is the ideal spot to do just this and will make for a pleasing centrepiece, especially if you opt for a stand-alone tub.

If you want to make the most of the metallics, why not go for an oversized faucet if you have the opportunity to do so?

Consider some colour on the walls

If you don’t want to decorate your walls with wallpaper or have exposed brick, the simplest of ideas is to add a little colour to the walls and the great thing about gold is that is goes with just about any colour. Whether you want to keep it cool and brilliant with white or fancy a flourish of navy or a more subtle baby pink, gold faucets can set an opulent tone.

Add colour elsewhere

If you’re looking to make the bathroom stand out entirely you can be a little daring and opt for a more vibrant colour, otherwise consider painting cabinets instead of walls to mix up the design and add your own flair. Pale blue cabinets with white walls, marble and gold taps would make for a fashionable look.

Give monochrome a try

When in doubt – stick to black and white. This timeless combination ensures that you can’t go wrong, and it gives the bathroom a highly sophisticated vibe. You could opt for black and white patterns on the floor or walls to make a statement or be bold with an all-black floor or walls. Combined with a gold or brass faucet, this will immediately give the bathroom a luxurious feel.