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Must-have luxury home features for hosting guests

The concept of a luxurious lifestyle, both tangible and intangible, is perfectly demonstrated in the finest of properties around the world. From unforgettable entertaining, to features that increase property valuation, this is what hosting guests in the privacy of a luxury home looks like.

Parking, valet and security

Firstly, luxury experiences do not include walking great distances in heels. Depending on the size of your event, ample parking on your property is not always possible. However, hiring a valet service and security personnel, so that your gates and doors remain open for the duration of the event, is a first impression that guests will never forget.

Ample cloakroom space

Indulgent spaces seem to have a way of remaining effortlessly uncluttered. One way to achieve this is to ensure that you have a well-designed cloakroom where coats, hats, handbags and brollies can be carefully stowed away on shelving and hooks that leave your guests with a satisfied nod.

Unforgettable summer days

Some would agree that summer is the ultimate luxury. If this is your favourite season to entertain, then lasting memories are in the detail. Here is our list of must-have tips to create outdoor comfort for an extraordinary daytime event.

⦁ Design a beautiful chill area with comfortable sofas and shade.

⦁ Take the edge off the water temperature of your pool.

⦁ Have well-placed baskets of extra sarongs and cotton beach towels.

⦁ Have a well-stocked bar that includes an ice and coffee machine.

⦁ Invest in an outdoor changing-room where guests can shower. Remember toiletries, hairdryer and fluffy towels.

⦁ Consider installing a steam room or sauna in this space.

Days that turn into nights

There’s no denying it–the most memorable events are usually the ones where lunch turns into supper, and supper turns into a midnight snack; entertaining is easy and your guests feel too at home to leave. The best hosts know how to prepare for this kind of spontaneity.

1. Warm up your outdoor entertainment area with a gorgeous firepit that is surrounded by comfortable seating. More information on how to make a fire pit can be read at

2. Gas heaters and stackable doors also effectively transform outdoor areas from daytime to nighttime areas.

3. Replace the sarongs and towels with small, fluffy blankets and an array of brushed silk pashminas.

Fire, water, music

To relax is a luxury. And the first step to relaxation is always ambience. Regardless of your budget, there are three key ingredients to create a soothing ambience – fire, music and water.

From running water features, to the sound of the ocean, or a refreshing pool, relaxing close to water is somehow an instant indulgence.

And whether it’s a raging firepit, an ethanol fire table or a dozen well-placed hurricane lamps, there is no doubt that firelight and candles can instantly change the atmosphere.

Day or night, quality surround sound is key, and music can create any mood you choose. Whether it’s classical, lounge or disco, music is the colour on the blank canvas of your event.

Overnight guests


One of the essentials to extraordinary entertaining is hospitality that ensures that guests feel at home. It’s the feeling that guests leave with that turns them from acquaintances into friends. If you are hosting overnight, here are a few of our favourite, yet simple, tips.

1. Beautifully decorated guest rooms should never contain the personal belongings of the host. This way the guest does not feel like they are imposing in any way.

2. Make sure that ensuite bathrooms are complete with luxury toiletries, disposable razors, towels, a hairdryer and freshly laundered bathrobes.

3. Extra blankets, water, a midnight snack and a nightcap are not only thoughtful, but indulgent.

Creating a super-lux investment property

This content was written in collaboration with luxury real estate brand, Pam Golding Properties, who would remind you that, if you are truly designing an indulgent home, it is not only a lifestyle choice, but also an investment.

To maximise your global appeal in this niche market, whether it is to sell, or to rent out your property as a holiday home or film location, here are some additional features that could take both your property value and entertainment to the super-lux level.

⦁ Private mooring (on waterside properties).
⦁ A wine cellar that can host an intimate gathering.
⦁ A chef’s kitchen.
⦁ A cinema.
⦁ Automated temperature control for every season.

Whether it’s for the intangible feeling, or a shrewd investment, with a little extra effort, luxury hospitality is available to every luxury homeowner and aspirant socialite. Remember, the memories are in the detail.