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Stylish ways to introduce crushed velvet into your home interior

By LLM Reporters  |  September 28, 2020
sofa lounge

One of the biggest trends for the upcoming autumn/winter season, crushed velvet is a material that offers a super luxe look and feel that can be used throughout your home in a variety of stylish ways.

The lustrous crushed velvet has a patterned appearance, which is produced by pressing the fabric in different directions or twisting the fabric while wet and differs from the smoother look velvet in appearance only. The soft-to-touch fabric is the go-to choice for many who want to elevate their interiors and create a stylish and sumptuous environment in which to live, and is far more versatile than many imagine it to be.

Despite the belief that crushed velvet is a material solely used for traditional interiors with a regal feel – though it works very well with this look – this soft pile fabric can in fact be used in more designs than one might imagine and is available in a range of colours too.

We take a look at the various ways in which you can introduce crushed velvet into your interior décor to make for a professionally designed look to suit your style.

Opulent curtains

A perfect addition to cosy up your space in time for the colder months, curtains made with this luxurious feeling fabric will add a touch of glamour to your window surround in an instant. Open and closing your curtains won’t be a chore with this fabric to feel and you can choose from a range of colours to suit your existing design theme. Popular options include a range of grey tones, from silver to charcoal if you are looking to keep a sleek and subtle look to your lounge, dining room or bedroom, while burgundy will add a richness to a traditional interior and ochre tones will work wonders in a monochrome space.

Add a touch of glamour and a heavy dose of comfort to your interiors with crushed velvet curtains. Image credit:

It’s important to note that crushed velvet curtains with embellishments and decorative or metallic tie backs should be avoided within a modern interior as the look can be rather overwhelming. Stick with simple tie backs and save the more ornate looks for curtains made with simpler fabrics. Also consider this when choosing your curtain pole and make sure the lovely material is the standout item.

Cushions and chairs

One of the simpler and preferred ways to incorporate crushed velvet is within cushions and accent pillows as these can be switched out with the seasons. Perfect for snuggling up against while cosying up with a film in winter or decorating your bed to add that deluxe and oh-so inviting look, these small lavish looking accent pieces will certainly add charm. Elevating your rooms with a classy feel, the mixing of textures is what truly uplifts any given space and crushed velvet cushions are best paired with cotton and wool – perhaps within a throw – for an all-round feel and contemporary look.

You can also add class to your dining room with upholstered dining chairs in a richer colour to make mealtimes that much more glorious, depending on the size of the space, it may be best to opt for either curtains or chairs in this material.

Go as little or large with crushed velvet in the bedroom to suit your style. Image credit:

Sweet dreams

If you want to add more comfort to the cosiest room in the house than with a few scatter cushions, then go all out with a crushed velvet headboard or entire frame. It will make for the most welcoming sleeping area and will surely make it harder to peel yourself away each morning, but it will be worth it. You can tie in the look with a couple of cushions in the same fabric and perhaps an upholstered stool for your dressing table and even upgrade your bedding for an ultra-glam look. If you are going to use so much of the material, then stick to a cool grey shade here or choose one item with a pop of colour.

Keep it minimal

Those who prefer a more minimal look to their interiors may be put off at the thought of this material but it’s a great way to add a more rounded look and certainly work in a contemporary space. The best way to do this here is by sticking to accents to complement the sleek look you are going for so consider cushions, a throw, within a wall covering or accent chair but certainly not all of the above.