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Tapping into unexpected interiors: Ten luxury faucets you need in your home

Luxury panoramic bathroom interior idea. A tiled black and white floor, a large window and a white bathtub. 3d rendering mock up

Taps are a pretty crucial part of modern life. From showering, to boiling your kettle for a cuppa to preparing the family supper – all would all be nay impossible without a trusty tap. It is unsurprising they are so engrained in our lives, having been around for so long. We have to go thousands of years back if we are to find perhaps the first tap, to around 1700 B.C! Ancient forms of plumbing and faucets were used by the Romans to provide water for dozens of public baths, hundreds of private baths, and more than a thousand fountains in the city.

Back then, the tap had only one way of operation; a knob for hot water and another for cold water. People usually turn both knobs at two different levels to get warm water instead of ice-cold water or a boiling one. For centuries people burnt themselves on these difficult to control contraptions, until Al Moen said enough was enough in 1937, after severely burning his hand. This was the invention of the single-handle faucet.

New modern faucet and kitchen room sink closeup with island and granite countertops in model house home apartment
Taps are a pretty crucial part of modern life

It wasn’t easy, his first design was rejected, and he kept working on it until it finally got accepted years later. His design is now used in tens of millions of homes around the world, and its easy temperature control means it is one of the most popular designs around today. Al Moen wasn’t the only one who added improvements to the faucet. Landis Perry integrated a ball valve into the faucet, then later on, Wolvering Brass increased the efficiency by using ceramic discs for water control instead of rubber ones.

Another breakthrough came in the early 80s, when electronic faucets were invented. Over time, taps were becoming sophisticated. Technology was developing, and finding its way into all parts of our homes – increasing efficiency, water and energy consumption, and convenience. Now, some taps have a built-in cartridges that can filter lead, cysts, and even chlorine. According to the people at, adding a water filter is a great addition to any faucet to reduce the contaminants coming from outside.

Industry professionals from kitchens to bathrooms to public spaces all have an interest in developing water faucets, so it is perhaps no surprise that the past few decades have seen their sophistication sky rocket. The most popular modern upgrade is the electronic faucet, where an infrared beam that is streamed from the bottom of the faucet gives the command to run water when it’s disrupted – imaging going to a public bathroom without one of these!

Chrome bathroom faucet. Bathroom water tap. Modern faucet. Bathroom interior. Modern design.
Taps now come in all different shapes and sizes

Nowadays, if you are refurbishing or replacing your own bathroom or kitchen, your tap is an imperative centre of focus. It is not just a style feature, but something you use every day – and need to trust completely for the safety of your home. Taps can be water features, kettle fillers and dish washers – a necessity for sure, but the right one will add unmistakable luxury. Take a look below at ten taps which could transform your kitchen or washroom.

1.) Axor Starck V Transparent Glass Faucets

The Axor Starck V is a glass marvel. It was created by Philippe Starck, and produced by the world-known bathroom accessories manufacturer Hansgrohe. The Axor flagship range was unveiled a few years ago and it took the world by storm. The washbasin mixer is the company’s first transparent faucet in their product range. The innovations in the washbasin mixer of the whole range revolutionized what transparent washbasin mixer was meant to be. Perhaps most importantly, it is made from organic and eco-friendly materials, and the flow rate makes sure that the owner is conserving water, with its well-calculated flow rate design of 4 litres per minute.

In a world blighted by excessive waste, this faucet is made to last – the crystal glass is durable when compared to other transparent glass washbasin mixers. But glass taps would be impossible to keep clean, we hear you – and most other manufacturers out there – cry. Glass taps are great in principle, but less so after a couple of months of wear – catching debris and dirt internally, which settle in unreachable places to stare up through the glass and taint your lovely new washroom. Not so with the Axor Starck V, they’re one step ahead!

This tap comes with an open spout that can be removed, to facilitate both cleaning and dishwashing at the same time. The true magic is the subtlety of the materials and washbasin which blends the surroundings nicely to the point that the user sees a swirl of water freefalling into the basin.

The Axor Starck V is a glass marvel

2.) The Crystal Clear Sink and Waterfall Faucet by Kraus

Everyone loves a waterfall tap, and this one rivals most others. The glass basin is made from crystal-clear glass, designed to be easily installed above any counter. It’s easy to synchronize the sink with any faucet, whether it’s wall-mounted or a vessel. The handcrafted tempered glass is resistant to scratches, discoloration, fading, and stains. The waterfall faucet is the piece that makes this miracle come true with its transparent design.

You can see the water coming out and forming an elegant waterfall that will add a show-stopping element to any washroom. The sense of serenity and nature-like calmness provided by the faucet is unmatched by any other. The circular transparent desk comes with 5 different colours with hues ranging from crystal clear to frosted black, and the colour of the basin isn’t standard since it’s handcrafted, affording it a slight yet elegant hue. Let this aspect of your washroom be as individual as you are.

3.) Sculptured Glass by Tapologie

As you can see, glass is dominating our list, and for a reason. The luxurious look of glass when skilfully crafted is hard to match with any other material when it comes to faucets. Tapologie has been crafting designs for architectural firms of high end locations for almost a decade. When designers and architects are looking for a guaranteed great faucet designs, they usually rely on Tapologie. Their masterpiece is the sculptured Clear Platinum Flake Potomac. The granite-like look that dominates the pattern of the faucet the crystal-clear handles can make your bathroom look like a royalty’s bathroom. It’s custom-made and handcrafted to perfection, with platinum flake that creates a subtle silver shimmer screaming indulgence. However spacious or petite sized the room you are designing, this custom-sculpted faucet will rise to the occasion, designed especially for the space you have in mind.

Everyone loves a waterfall tap, and this Crystal Clear Sink and Waterfall Faucet by Kraus rivals most others

4.) Emerald Single Twist Glass Faucet

Designed by Zero Gravity Creations, this faucet is another sculptured glass faucet, but vastly different to Tapologie’s in design. The spouts and water-control handles are sculpted from lead-free crystal that is bacteria-resistant and are incredibly easy to clean. The glass has an aura of delicacy which could lead you to thinking that a simple touch would cause it to shatter. Don’t be fooled – this glass is tempered to handle some abuse and stay scratch-free as well, not to mention the lifetime warranty. Zero Gravity creations have managed to combine the benefits of both metal and glass with this genius creation, taking the durability and strength of metal and joining it with the elegance and luxury of glass. The variety in their design is because of the versatility of sculpting glass which allows customization to a great extent.

5.) Moen Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Sink Faucet

Unsurprisingly, one of the main attractions of this tap is its motion sensing technology. Simple hand movement can trigger two of the advanced sensors on the faucet. For germaphobes or messy chefs, this tap is perfect – no touching grubby handles, or creating a kitchen mess mid cooking! Plus, the tap is spot resistant and smudgy finger marks will be a thing of kitchens past. The hose is 68 inches, which means it can offer infinite possibilities before returning to its original unstretched position, nicely out of the way. It also has smart spray options which gives you the choice to switch between two spray styles, perfect for the versatility of kitchen use.

The impressive Moen Arbor Motionsense Kitchen Sink Faucet uses motion sensing technology

6.) Delta 3567-MPU-DST Ara

The Delta 3567 may not give the most immediately luxurious impression, but its understated façade hides a seriously high performing piece of technology. This means it’s not for the faint hearted – the components aren’t stationed or fixed to a plate, they are separate and may require you to drill 3 holes in your sink to set it up. A diamond fused into the ceramic disc will maintain high user functionality and remove any interruption that may disrupt the water flow. The flow rate can reach 1.32 GPM. The faucet is incredibly durable, and this is where its fame lies. Some say that it lasts twice as long as the average faucet. The edges and the chrome finish makes it a very sharp-looking faucet and you’ll be able to sense the modernity and complexity of the faucet. Any drip or leak issues are included in the lifetime warranty. The WaterSense label ensures that the Delta 3567 is conserving water and not just streaming it recklessly.

7.) Aurum Gold Flake with Swarovski Crystal Faucet

This is one of the most luxurious faucets in the world, so of course, it is on our list. Why? Well not just because the glass tap and handles are both infused with 24 karat gold – although this is certainly a brilliant part of it! This taps actually part of a collaboration with Swarovski, who you may better know for producing delicate crystal jewellery! Swarovski’s 15 carat crystal is infused in the crown of the handles, and onto the faucet by a golden spout ring. It’s not only the sphere handles and faucet that is infused with gold, the base hardware is also plated with 24 karat gold. This faucet isn’t just highly-functional and designed with modernity and luxury in mind, but also a clear statement that even the most functional of items can be beautifully indulgent.

The Moen Eva Centerest is a timeless classic

8.) MOEN T6125-9000 Kingsley High Arc Faucet

This tap comes with a huge variety; you can choose from four different finishes to compliment your bathroom, so whatever your taste you will find the perfect match. The high arc is made to provide as much room as possible for your hands, as well as creating an eye catching decoration piece that is still elegant and understated. Whether your home is modern or traditional, this timeless tap will not look out of place in either a classic or clean-cut décor setup. The installation is very easy, so that you can install it yourself without a lot of DIY experience. The installation manual is brilliantly done and simple to follow, even for novice eyes.

9.) DELTA Windemere B3596LF

Where is the joy in looking the same as everyone else? Most people want to stand out in some way, expressing their own personal identity and flare. Your bathroom can be part of this self expression. Nothing can impress a visitor like the Delta Windemere, thanks to their innovative design and block colours, often juxtaposing each other. We can’t get enough of the oil bronze finish! Delta products are known to be very efficient and durable, so you wouldn’t have to worry about wearing them out. It’s also eco-friendly and uses about 20% less water than its counterparts, while still providing unmatched flow. This one is for the keen renovator or the paid professional, as you’ll have to drill 3 holes (paying the price for handles beautifully separated from the faucet), and the installation manual is perhaps not the best.

Modern stylish washbasins with chrome taps. Contemporary interior. Luxury lifestyle. Wood texture
The tap may be from humble origins, but their utilitarian days are long gone

10.) Moen Eva Centerest

The Moen Eva Centerest is a timeless classic. If you have it installed, you won’t need to change anything about it, even if you redesign the whole house. The clean edges and delicate curves give the faucet an aura of safety and functionality. The faucet can stream over 1.2 gallons of water per minute through the convenient and well-controlled handles. The elegant look and small size of the Eva Centerest makes it particularly perfect for smaller spaces or less exuberant tastes. This is also the perfect choice for the less hands on renovator, as the instillation process is simple, requiring only one hole. The end of the faucet provides protection from scratching, and increases its durability. The handles, however, are more delicate and so it is advised to operate them gently.

The tap may be from humble origins, but their utilitarian days are long gone. These show stopping faucets can undoubtedly impress anyone who enters your bathroom, and cater to any taste however under, or over, stated! In the same way no ball gown would be the same without a statement necklace, a bathroom is not the same without a statement tap-come-water feature.