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The top 5 design tips for your hallway: the importance of decorating this space well

You may be surprised to learn just how much of an atmosphere you can create in such a transitional area of the home.

By LLM Reporters  |  May 29, 2022

A functional and sometimes compact space, the hallway can be an awkward part of the house to get right in terms of its décor, but it’s actually one of the most crucial. The first impression of the inside of your home you present to guests as well as the space that welcomes you and those living in your home each and every day, it is so important that you extend the same amount of effort into decorating this space as you would to any other part of your home. 

From adding points of interest to making the space appear bigger, more welcoming and making the most of its functional abilities, we delve a little further into how you can make the best of this space with some key design ideas. You may be surprised to learn just how much of an atmosphere you can create in such a transitional area of the home, and if you’re not convinced, then read on for the best design tips for your hallway.

Make a great first impression with some stylish décor

Keep it light

Allowing for as much natural light as possible to radiate in your hallway will brighten up the area and stop any small space from seeming overly cramped. For small hallways, consider choosing a glazed front door as well as glazed internal doors, where appropriate, to allow light to filter through. Décor wise, opt for lighting that isn’t too dim, but not too harsh either – remember you’re creating a welcoming and atmospheric space, so finding balance here is important.

Decorate it with care and attention

As with any part of your home, putting the time and effort into designing and decorating it well can make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing. Make a great first impression with some stylish décor, and don’t hold back, you will want to inject some personality in your hallway to liven up the space.

One popular way of adding personality into your hallway is by splitting the walls in half horizontally and adding wood panelling to the bottom half and a beautiful wallpaper to the top half. This means that your chosen wallpaper for the hallway will be free of the wear and tear that the bottom section may see, and your space will be super stylish with very little effort. From floral patterns to bold colours, complementary tones and natural looks, there are many ways that wallpaper adds that much-needed designer upgrade you need.

Allowing for as much natural light as possible to radiate in your hallway will brighten up the area

Don’t forget about its function

Coats, shoes, umbrellas, keys, bags and more, when you or your guests set foot in your hallway, you will likely be shedding belongings only required for the outdoors, so ensure you have appropriate places to store such items. A bench, shelf, console table, umbrella stand, and coat hooks will need to have a home (depending on how much room you have), so think of the most practical places where these can find a permanent spot where they won’t be in the way.

Forgiving flooring

The hallway sees a lot of traffic, most of which will be taken with outdoor shoes on, so make sure that when you choose your flooring it is hardwearing and easy to clean, and don’t forget to make sure that it looks good too. After all the effort you’ve put in to making sure you have a welcoming and stylish area, you won’t want to fall short on the flooring. Tiles and wood work really well here, opt for a timeless pattern and style that complements your walls and your home’s overall style.

Add a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers for the warmest of welcomes

Fanciful finishing touches

Everyone loves to receive a warm welcome wherever they go, so make sure that your home does exactly this each and every time the doors are flung open. Upgrade your décor with artwork that impresses and delight the senses with fresh flowers – a sure-fire way to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Be sure to keep your hallway clutter free at all times to avoid you having to thinking of tidying as soon as you return home and add a decorative lamp, lightshade or light feature as well as a rug and/or doormat to bring the whole space together nicely. Finish off with a welcoming scent to filter through your hallway and you will have succeeded in creating a welcoming and desirable space for you any your guests.