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How to choose the perfect women’s fragrance for your skin type this autumn

By Melanie Kruger  |  September 23, 2020

With the new season comes a flurry of opulent new fragrances to fill your dressing table drawers with for the autumn – and from Jimmy Choo to Prada, Armani to Roja Parfums, in 2020 we’re set to once again be spoilt for choice.

If you’re anything like us, you could easily spend hours at the counters of your favourite designer beauty boutiques, trying each of the new launches out, one by one. And, whatever your scent type of choice, there are guaranteed to be several that tickle your fancy.

Every scent should be chosen with care, attention, and a little passion, too – because after all, it will soon become your signature, and something that signals your arrival whenever you walk into a room. The right scent will allow with both your preference and personality, and will do the talking when you’re looking to make a great first impression.

Perfume bottle with aromatic floral scent, luxury fragrance for women
Every scent should be chosen with care and attention

One thing you may never have considered when choosing your perfumes for the season, however, is whether they are suitable for your skin type.

Your body chemistry, the oils on your skin and even the bacteria all have a role to play that influences how a perfume diffuses from you, as well as significantly impacting the length of time a perfume remains detectable on your skin, and how long that beautiful scent lasts. It also effects which notes of any scent can be smelt most prominently, so it matters a whole lot more than you might think.

So, what’s the rule of thumb when it comes to your fragrance? Well, it pays to know your skin type. Whether it’s oily or dry, combination or normal will determine which scents are right for you.

So, let’s take a look at what else you need to know about how to expertly combine the two.

 Roja Parfums
Roja Parfums has become a name synonymous with luxury fragrance.

Scents for oily skin

If you forever find yourself mopping oil from your forehead or battling with frustrating breakouts, the likelihood is that your skin type is oily. But it doesn’t have to be that extreme. The level of hydration of your skin is a good gauge, so if you rarely feel the need to moisturise or your skin feels over-loaded when you do, then it’s probably on the oilier side, too.

The good news is that perfumes tend to last longer on oilier skin, and will smell more intense, too. Oils trigger a reaction between the the composition of your skin and the compounds in your fragrance, which means you get to enjoy any scent to its full potential.

Be warned though, as some fragrances can smell a little too overpowering on oily skin. Opt for lighter, fruity or floral varieties for a subtle yet sophisticated result.

Scents for dry skin

Since dry skin is lacking the oiliness that makes fragrances smell intense, stronger, headier scents will work best on you. You can also apply them more generously than those with dry skin, so go wild with musky, woody and aromatic scents for best results.

You might find you have a little trouble getting any fragrance to last on your skin, but there are some insider secrets. Dabbing some moisturiser on your pulse points before spritzing them with perfume will prolong the fragrance’s wear time. Roll-on perfume rollerballs are another great solution.

Stronger perfumes are perfect for those with drier or dehydrated skin

What else you need to know

As well as the oiliness of your skin, your basal body temperature should be taken into account when choosing your perfect perfume. The hotter it is, the more concentrated a fragrance will smell on your skin, and vice versa.

Ultimately, it always pays to test out any fragrance on your skin before buying, as the way it smells on the tester strip is not a true representation of the result you’ll get. Next time you’re scent shopping, spritz a little onto your pulse points and see how it smells on you throughout the day. As a rule of thumb, the wrists, neck and décolletage are the best places to apply it.

While many people buy their new-season perfumes on a whim, often simply because they love a brand and expect only the best, the results can often differ from what you were expecting after a long day of wear. So, take the time to try a few out before getting out your credit card. With a little more care and attention, you’ll soon be smelling better than ever, making you irresistible right when you want to be.