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Top skin care secrets for healthier-looking skin

Taking good care of your skin is so important, and the everyday things we do have a huge impact, either straight away or over a long period of time, on our appearance.

No one likes to be asked if they’re feeling under the weather when they aren’t, and often the reason this is being brought up is because your skin may be looking a little dull and tired. Obviously no-one should be commenting on a person’s appearance in such a way but it’s usually coming from a nice place – either way, we all need to take care of our outer layer – not for the sake of anyone else but for ourselves.

Usually our skin is looking tired because we feel it, of course, genetics and lifestyle are important factors, as well as diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, over-exposure to the sun, common ailments like eczema and lack of sleep. No-one here is telling you to stop enjoying yourself, we’re here to give you some handy hints to boost to your body’s largest organ.

Skin care is a big part of a beauty routine but it doesn’t have to be a chore, give your skin radiance with our tips and people will be asking for your beauty secrets in no time!

Pleasure and health

To look the best you can, you need the finer things in life, and if someone tells me to eat chocolate, I certainly won’t be arguing with them. Did you know that dark chocolate has known positive effects on your skin’s complexion? If you needed an excuse, well now you have it!

The higher the purity, the better so opt for 50% cocoa or above, something like Ghirardelli Intense 60% Cocoa Evening Dream chocolate bar will do just the trick for a clearer and healthier complexion, as well as improved well-being. You also can’t go wrong with Lindt and their array of options – try the Lindt Excellence 99% dark chocolate bar from the Swiss chocolatiers, who have been perfected their craft and creating quality since 1845.

For an even more luxurious experience involving dark chocolate, you should head over to Hotel Chocolat where they have a selection of over 30 different high-percentage dark chocolate boxes using cocoa beans sourced from South America, where some of the best grade is found. Another similar brand is called Artisan Du Chocolat which also has a range of dark chocolate boxes, high very high grades. Dark chocolate is known to give a clearer complexion as well as produce more healthy natural oils for the skin.

A more plump bounce

Skin tension is something that withers over time, resulting in wrinkles. Though unavoidable, there are ways to slow down, or change the signs of ageing using a refined technique of anti-ageing injections, which you can find in an esteemed Botox clinic. Here you will receive a couple of injections to numb the parts of the face that will be filled, then the injections will then be carefully placed at areas where there is loose skin build-up, typically the crow’s feet around your eyes, the lines around your mouth and your frown lines. The aim is to smooth out these wrinkles and stretch the surface of the skin, making the appearance of smoother skin more apparent, and ultimately giving you a more youthful look.

Boosting your natural defences

Over time, our skin’s natural defences begin to fade away and get weaker. One way you can boost these natural defences is with a product designed to help your own skin help itself. Products like Supremya at Night is designed to help recover some of the mechanisms that our skin has when we are young, thus restoring a youthful appearance, offering a firmer face and skin that is taut. It’s also non-comedogenic which makes the cream less irritating than what you might normally find and it’s suitable for pretty much every skin type, including those with sensitive skin. With this product you’ll also regain your natural shine as your skin is regenerated, with a boost of skin oils secreted from your glands. Thais s the secret to many of those products that work as they reignite dormant mechanisms in your skin that were once in full flow when you had younger skin.

Purest form of water

Water is by far the best liquid you should drink to look your best. Forget orange juice, fancy smoothies or even alcohol, your skin needs hydrating regularly, and you should be looking for the purest water to drink daily. The two main purified and distilled water brands are Voss and Mountain Valley Spring Water. You might have spotted Voss water as it can be found in many 5-star hotels and spas all around the world. Mountain Valley is perhaps the best distilled water bottle money can buy and it has a naturally high pH so you can drink this to balance a high acidic meal such as with fruits. The brand has been around since 1871 and the water takes 3,500 years to make it through the mountains and to the aquifer.