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Top 5 products you need at hand to keep your skin looking luscious this summer

Summer is around the corner and you want to be able to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible before it becomes rather uninviting again. For those of you with recurring skin issues or who want to protect your exterior from harmful UV rays, it’s important to be able to enjoy summertime activities with confidence and enter autumn looking as fabulous as you did in spring.

We’ve compiled a list of the skin-care summer essentials that you need nearby so you can look, and feel, your best in the sunshine.


We might feel a little over-zealous when the sun makes it’s first appearance, or if you live in wetter parts of the world, the excitement can get too much when the first glorious day makes its return but, really, sunburn is no friend of ours.

Ask a person who has lived through plenty of summers and they will no doubt wish they had used more sunscreen in their younger days. It should be applied before any trip in the sun, and it’s important to remember that even at the beach on an overcast day, 80% of UV rays can pass through clouds. It’s really best to stay in the shade where possible, your skin will thank you for it, and if you desire a summer glow, there are some fantastic fake tans about.

Sunscreen should be applied before any trip in the sun


Now, if you’ve taken the advice but still manage to catch the sun a little too much, maybe you’ve forgotten the sunscreen or laid out in the sun a little too long before re-applying then, fear not, this is what after-sun is designed for! This hydrating and nourishing cream will take care of your red patches, just make sure you cover up any burnt areas when you return outside before it has healed. Now, you can’t undo any damage that has been caused but you can lessen the effects so it is essential to treat your sunburn. Clarins offer a delightful soothing after sun balm that leaves a luxurious feel for days.

Eczema cream

For those eczema sufferers out there, you will know that the heat can cause a flare-up. But it doesn’t need to ruin your fun, if managed properly. You will know what causes a recurrence and will take measures to manage this, however for those who suffer in the summer sun, this makes life harder if there’s a heatwave on it’s way.

Loose, breathable clothing, managing stress, avoiding foods that are known to aggravate, and doing less of those activities that will cause excessive sweat will certainly help when a flare-up is on the way.

It is certainly worth keeping an eczema cream with you and using a good quality moisturiser twice a day will help to prevent dry skin as well as drinking plenty of water to keep yourself naturally hydrated should prevent you from over-heating.

If an even looking skin tone is an essential for you then seek out a foundation that not only enhances your natural beauty but takes care of it too


If an even looking skin tone is an essential for you then seek out a foundation that not only enhances your natural beauty but takes care of it too.

And we don’t mean any old option, if you’re a wearer of make-up you will know that any foundation worth its salt will have at least an SPF of 15. Diminish dark spots, wrinkles and give your face a radiant glow while also taking care of it underneath all of this? Yes please! La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer + Foundation has an SPF of 15 while using caviar extracts to support your skin’s elasticity and firmness, while Dior’s Capture Totale Foundation (SPF 25) offer a light, smooth feel to give you a radiant boost.


The clue is in the word – to keep your skin nice and supple throughout the years, using a moisturiser will, literally, add moisture to your skin, a necessity in the heat! Especially essential for those of us who suffer with dry skin in the first place, but equally as important for all to keep your skin as smooth as ever. Once you’ve found one that your skin adores then stick with it and lather yourself with a luxurious moisturiser daily – or twice daily – to keep it healthy and radiant.