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Linda Meredith’s top 5 winter skin solutions

By Georgie Bentley-Buckle on 5th December 2019

Every season brings challenges to skincare, but winter may be the most challenging of all. Skin takes a double dehydration hit, as temperatures drop on the outside, but soar on the inside with a blast of central heating.

Here’s what you need to keep the derma-dewiness going all winter long from Linda Meredith luxury skincare.

For Dry Skin: Linda Meredith’s Collagen Synergie Spray-On Facial


Winter dehydration can put skin into hibernation mode, forcing it to rely on reserves of essential nutrients. Collagen Synergie combats this with a two-pronged approach, containing both soluble native collagen molecules, which replenish and hold more moisture in the skin, and Natural Moisturising Factors (NMFs) which are a combination of some of the most powerful ingredients that draw moisture from the atmosphere and help to retain it in the skin. The combination of the two allows the absorption of other ingredients – including Radish Root extract and Soluble Native Collagen Molecules – to work at their optimum levels, as they are more easily absorbed. Just spritz a few pumps of the spray directly onto your face and massage it in; studies show that moisturisation levels increase by 19% in just 4 weeks.

For Lines and Wrinkles: V-Tox



Named a beauty “must have” by Tatler, this botanical cream is designed to relax the skin in a natural way. Neuro-peptides and algae surround the muscles with proteins and block contraction of the dermis, which leads to a smooth and tightened appearance. Skinny face in a good way.

For Tired Skin: LM1



LM1 is Linda Meredith’s flagship product – the ultimate anti-ageing solution. It’s a powerful elixir, only a small bit necessary and mixes in with your daily face cream. Visible results are seen in 30 minutes and last up to 8 hours. If used for 30 days it makes long lasting improvements to skin. High potency anti-oxidants and encapsulated vitamins make this one a powerhouse.

For Total Repair: Amazon



Amazon is a vitamin repair balm that helps to boost the skin’s natural barrier adding softness and smoothness. Full of Anti-oxidants, Vitamins A and C and powerful berries harvested from the Amazon, it has an immediate effect on the skin – particularly dry skin. Great for calming skin irritations caused by breakouts.

For Winter Redness: Phyto 4+


The most versatile cream in the range, Phyto 4+ works on a wide spectrum of skin problems. Ideal for firming skin, reducing redness and strengthening capillaries. So high in essential oils, this emulsion becomes lipo-solvent, meaning it breaks down sebum, making this cream very effective for oily or acne prone skin. Works beautifully with Linda Meredith serum. To firm skin that may be slightly dry add two drops of LM serum into Phyto 4+ at night. Ideal for fair skin that may have a problem with redness, and sensitive skin.

Knightsbridge based facialist Linda Meredith counts some very famous and beautiful faces amongst her many clients including Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Stella McCartney, Emma Thompson and Penelope Cruz. Her facials (also available at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Four Seasons London Park Lane and The  Newt  in Somerset), as well as her products, are sought after because they actually work; they are results-based and exceptionally effective.

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