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The silken sleep: How Slip eye masks will change your sleep routine

slip eye masks

New Years Resolutions: it’s what we think about when the festive season is finally over and a new year begins. It always seems to be the same: join a gym, get fit, be happier, be positive, maybe do something we’ve not done before. Nine times out of ten the resolutions last for a week and then we fall back into the same routine we’ve had for the past so many years. We’re inherently creatures of habit and it would take a lot to really make us change.

I would say that it’s better to make small changes in your everyday life and ones that are within reach and within reason before you take the full plunge.

Now it seems so simple and maybe something you wouldn’t expect, but my resolution is to sleep a lot more. You’re thinking ‘what? Sleep a little more? How is that a credible resolution?’ Well let me explain. I’ve always been somewhat of an insomniac, ever since I was small. Unlike others I just couldn’t fall asleep until very late; it was always tossing and turning in bed and ending up being extremely cranky throughout the following day and finding it hard to focus. Adding to that the world has now changed and we’re now always on our smartphones or smartpads at any given time or moment and we do not allow our brains to rest or switch off. Essentially we’re always on 24/7.

slip eye masks
Slipsilk Pink Sleep Mask

Knowing that I’m always feeling tired or that I can often lose focus, I said to myself that I need to change my habit and create a resolution that I could work with. But I needed something to help me sleep more and better.

The tool I found: the sleep eye mask. Again you’re thinking ‘seriously an eye mask? They’ve been around for decades. How is this a new sleeping tool?’ Well let me explain. I am a light sleeper and I find that any sudden noise would wake me up. It’s also the case with light. As soon as a light is switched on or the sun comes through my blinds I would wake up immediately. This eventually became a routine reaction and I could never go back to sleep. Having watched a copious amount of YouTube videos and what others would do for their night routine, the one and inexpensive product that would always feature is the eye mask. I was never one to wear an eye mask and I always thought it was just another thing we buy and never use. You would also see it in your in-flight pack you get while travelling but again I would just stuff it in the seat pocket in front of me and never realise how much of a gold nugget it really was! Right in front of me was the answer to my sleepless nights!

Having done my usual research I looked no further than the Slip brand. Their sleep eye masks have been considered to be a positive development on the ordinary sleep mask. Made from pure silk, the silk is there to ensure that moisture is retained in the skin. Unlike other cotton based eye masks, silk does not absorb the natural oils from your skin and ensures constant hydration. It is also a natural regulator of temperature so you will never feel too hot or too cold; it allows you to have a comfortable sleep. What’s more your eyes do not get puffy in the morning because the coolness of the silk helps to de-puff any eye bags. What I love more than anything is that it puts enough pressure on the eyes to keep them shut and ensure that you have a full nights sleep. Outside light is completely blocked so that for those like myself that are susceptible to waking up at the slightest movement of light, will be able to sleep soundly. Silk is not only durable but it’s comfortable. I have tried and tested this now for the last few months and I can honestly say that I will definitely be fulfilling my resolution for more sleep! I am now able to have a minimum of eight hours sleep and I wake up feeling happier and a lot more focused. Sensitivity to light is now a thing of the past and I feel like I can take on the day.

slip eye masks
Slip Black Sleep Mask

Sleep is something that we often take for granted. It is the most inexpensive way of feeling happier, healthier and more alert. If there were ever something that you should try to change in your everyday routine, it would definitely be sleep. This change perfectly coincides with the end of the festive season where all we’ve been doing is partying everyday! We should now ensure that we rest especially when we live in such a busy world. To enhance this new sleeping pattern you should consider investing in a sleep mask, it really does change the way you sleep. The Slip brand has patented an incredible version of the sleep mask and I can assure you that it is without a doubt something that I will be using indefinitely!