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When two is better than one: Ideas for great fashion pairings


Some things in life are just better when combined. Whether we’re talking about milk and cookies, sunsets on the beach, or Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in an interview, mixing two amazing things together so that they become super-amazing is one of our great pleasures in life. So it is with fashion, too. Some outfits can be elevated with often just the simplest of additions! So, if you’re currently rummaging through your wardrobe for something to wear today, consider one of these awesome combinations.

Fur & Denim

Denim is of course the everyday rugged material that we all know and love, regardless of whether it’s in the form of jeans, skirt, or a shirt. Fur, on the other hand, has an air of class and sophistication. So what happens when they mix? Something beautiful. A faux fur (no real fur, thank you) jacket combined with jeans simply works when the two are paired, as you’ll be a fantastic blend of casual and chic.

 Peter Hahn Twin set
Some outfits can be elevated with often just the simplest of additions. Image credit

Red & Red/Blue & Blue/Green & Green/Etc.

Now and then we fall in love with a colour so much, we just have to wear it twice! Excluding obvious options like black on black (who doesn’t go for this?), we believe there’s nothing wrong with wanting to pair two bold colours so closely together. Like we already mentioned in our summer/autumn guide last year, matching sets look great and really aren’t worn enough. It doesn’t always have to be just block colour combinations either, as you can see here from the Peter Hahn site, twin sets come in a range of styles and prints. You might be surprised at how diverse matching twin sets can be!

Pantsuit & Sneakers

When it comes to style, occasionally rules can simply fly out of the window. Who says you can’t pair something that initially seems a bit unusual, as the ones who break these rules normally end up being called ‘trendsetters’ before long. Just like these gorgeous ladies rocking the pantsuit, we think you’ll look gosh darn incredible when pairing that with white sneakers. Similarly to fur and denim, the mix of street/office look is a match made in heaven, and we think this is a look set to skyrocket.

 Peter Hahn Twin set
Peter Hahn’s twin sets come in a range of styles and prints. Image credit

Stripes and Leather

Certain iconic fashion pieces have that longevity over the years for one simple reason: they just look stunning. So what’s better than bringing together two of the most enduring styles for generations, stripes and leather? Leather pants with a striped long sleeved shirt? Yes please. Leather jacket over a striped jumper? Why not? Experiment with these two fashion icons and you’re bound to look great whatever you choose.

The fun thing about mixing and matching is that there are so many options. So don’t always avoid something because you think there is a “fashion rule” – try it out and if you feel good wearing it, rock it!