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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Amber ZhaoYang Wang, the hugely successful high fashion model

By LLM Reporters  |  June 21, 2021
Amber ZhaoYang Wang

We caught up with Amber ZhaoYang Wang, a hugely successful high fashion model that has been featured on the cover of publications such as Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar and L’Official. To add to Amber’s list of impressive features, she is a 2021 graduate of Pennsylvania State University after juggling her education and photoshoots for the past few years. She hopes to change the modelling industry with her passion for sustainable fashion and empowering new and veteran models.

My car of choice

My car of choice would either be the Tesla Model X or the Porsche 911. The acceleration of Tesla is incomparable, and they are so modern. I love the Porsche 911 design, and I’m a huge fan of Porsche in general.

My favourite holiday destination 

My favourite holiday destination is Puerto Rico. I always recommend visiting Puerto Rico to friends and family because there’s just so much to do. It’s always so beautiful, warm and fun. I love spending time on the beach and also doing some sight-seeing.

My gadget I can’t live without

Amber ZhaoYang Wang

I cannot live without my gua sha tool, which is a stone skincare tool that helps bring circulation to targeted areas of the face. It helps me to keep my skin glowing, and it’s sort of like a facial exercise.

My go to fashion brand

My go to fashion brand is Self-Portrait. When I wear anything Self-Portrait, I know my outfit will not go wrong. They make really cute doll-like clothes that I love to wear when I’m out shopping or when I’m getting lunch.

My airline of choice 

I actually have two airlines of choice. When flying globally, I will typically book Emirates, but if I’m flying domestically, then I usually book with United Airlines. Both are good choices in my opinion, but it just depends on where I’m headed and what is available.

My favourite watch brand 

I like more sophisticated watches, so my favourite watch brand would have to be Patek Philippe. I’m a big fan of silver and gold since I find they’re easy to match with my outfits, so I usually go for more high-end options when it comes to watches.

Amber ZhaoYang Wang

My favourite restaurant

My favourite restaurant is L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, a French restaurant in Las Vegas. I always make sure to pay them a visit every time I’m in the area. The staff are all super friendly, and I always have a great time.

My guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure is a good red wine. It really helps me relax and recharge the day, so I will usually pour myself a glass after a long day.

My favourite way to give back

One way I like to give back is by supporting sustainable fashion brands. I like to be conscious of how I impact the world around me, so when I can, I support fashion brands with a sustainable mission.