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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Antonia Harman, a renowned emotional trauma expert and healer

By LLM Reporters on 28th June 2020

We caught up with Antonia Harman, a renowned emotional trauma expert and healer at Divine Empowerment.

My car of choice

Tough one, but I will have to go for the BMW i8 roadster. It is gorgeous; I love the winged doors and there will always be a level of DeLorean nostalgia. It’s sleek and sexy with all the ticks I need – convertible, breath-taking, hybrid, fast and performance. It truly is a dream car.

My favourite holiday destination

I love Ibiza. It’s close, fun and has great restaurants and beach life – I may even move there. Exploring the globe and visiting as many new places as possible is a passion of mine. I got engaged in Thailand last year which was just magical, my fiancé is so romantic, it was the sort of proposal you’d find in a rom-com!

My gadget I can’t live without

Alexa, for the music, convenience and lights. My brother bought me my first and I was blown away, it is just such an amazing product. I have inspired many to buy it and have gifted even more! I also couldn’t live without my phone, I don’t think many of us could.

My go to fashion brand

I love to shop at second-hand designer stores. Pandoras in Knightsbridge has been a staple since childhood, most of the clothes are brand new at a fraction of the cost. I have some incredible Dolce and Gabanna pieces, which may be my favourite designer brand.

My airline of choice

British Airways all the way. I have four BA trips planned currently, to Ibiza, Malaga, Thailand and Mexico. The flights are very reasonable at the moment and fully flexible, so if you can afford book, do.

My favourite watch brand

Hubolt when I’m feeling garish and Cartier when I’m feeling refined. I think we need different watches for different moods.


My favourite restaurant

In Ibiza it is probably El Chiringuito. In London, it has to be Sexy Fish and Hachi Japanese BBQ, where you cook for yourself – the cuts are amazing. W.B. Yeats is my local, and the chef, Killian Lynch is of Michelin standard, I defy you to find a better roast!

The Fat Duck, Thai Square and Five Guys are my go-to for take-outs – variety is the spice of life!

My guilty pleasure

I’m not a big believer in guilt. I do love rich food, good wine and flamboyant cocktails. These are pleasures to be enjoyed, not to feel guilty about – everything in moderation, including moderation!

My favourite way to give back

I do free trauma release Instagram lives and Zooms. People who have had a troubling event, breakup or phobia tune in and I erase the associated emotional distress and pain in an instant. They become happier and more whole and it is also nourishing and fun for me. I love it when everybody wins.