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Elma S. Beganovich

The Luxury Lifestyle List: Elma Beganovich, lifestyle influencer, entrepreneur and digital marketer

By LLM Reporters on 18th July 2020

We caught up with Elma Beganovich, a Bosnian-American lifestyle influencer, founder and COO of digital marketing firm Amra and Elma (A&E), as well as the co-founder and CTO of Club Fashionista, an e-commerce and blogging platform.

My car of choice

My preferred car choice, although I am not sure I would know just how to maintain it, would be a vintage Aston Martin, like the one seen in the James Bond film, Goldfinger in the 1960s. I’ve always had a knack for vintage pieces, something that withstood time and importantly has a story to tell.

My favourite holiday destination

One of my favourite destinations in the world is Tuscany, and especially its majestic city of Florence. I think the city, having been the birthplace of Renaissance with the support of the Medici family, has so many tales to tell, from Michelangelo’s sculptures to Botticelli’s paintings. Florence has a special energy to it in the summer with its marvellous gardens, appetising restaurants, and museums that are almost like spiritual houses of worship with their serene energy. Tuscany then has its sun-drenched hills, which are often turned into vineyards and other gardens, which make mouth-watering produce that one ends up eating in one of the local restaurants.

Elma Beganovich

My gadget I can’t live without

I think a gadget I can’t live without would be my iPhone. I mean there is so much on there, from shopping to socialising to work. It’s become an extended part of me – for better or for worse – that I rely on to entertain myself or even as a compass with Google Maps to find my way around a new part of the city or while travelling abroad.

My go to fashion brand

I am not sure if I would call them a brand but Net-a-Porter and its Outnet would be my go to fashion brand. I am on their applications all of the time looking for good finds and, frankly, inspiration. Net-a-Porter does such a good job in curating its pieces that it’s almost become a feel good app to browse and to plan my own outfits for different occasions.

My airline of choice

Well, with the pandemic, airline travel has temporarily been suspended but with that said, I love Swiss Airlines for their intimate setting in business class. It still feels like a private experience unlike other airlines where the sheer size of the business class feels underwhelming. The other one that I must commend that I most recently flew on, pre-pandemic, is Emirates – their first class is divine with its starry ceiling when flying over the Pacific (my flight was from Dubai to Bali). Their business class offers a cocktail lounge (my flight was from New York to Dubai). Both airlines are spectacular for the experience, service and privacy.

My favourite watch brand

I have been looking at Moda Operandi recently and its blossoming journey from solely runway pieces to more everyday pieces. They too have curated their selection with jaw dropping pieces that instantly take you around the world by just looking at their collections. I think in the beginning, they were too un-relatable but to a very few around the globe. Now, post-pandemic, their pieces resonate more with a wider margin of the population who is in the luxury market to buy as well.

Elma Beganovich

My favourite restaurant

There are so many restaurants in New York City, which I love to dine both for their experience and food. One of the restaurants that I adore for its charm, design and food is Le Coucou, which is between Nolita and Tribeca. It has an amazing French cuisine by a world famous chef Daniel Rose whose roots began in Paris. The minute I walked into the restaurant, I felt its charm in Lower Manhattan from the cavernous décor to avant garde dishes.

My guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure would probably have to be green tea mochi ice cream and molten lava cake, which oozes chocolate when hot. The former I love during the summer, and I could eat them by the dozens to cool down and satisfy my sweet tooth. The latter is perfect in the winter, the melted chocolate and topped off with raspberries and hints of whip cream makes the dessert irresistible.

My favourite way to give back

I give back each month to (the United Nations International Children’s Fund) UNICEF because I personally felt the impact of the organisation’s immensely important work and great deeds during the war in the early 90s in former Yugoslavia. I believe at the end of the day, it is all about giving back through donations and/or being active with non-profits supporting causes that one has personally been impacted by. I think this makes each and every one of us a more wholesome person and gives us a purpose to not only exist but to thrive on this planet.

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