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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Georgia Douvall, co-founder of premium argan oil skincare range Douvall’s

By LLM Reporters  |  February 12, 2020

We caught up with Georgia Douvall, the co-founder of premium argan oil skincare range Douvall’s.

My car of choice

Tesla, it’s an eco-friendly car plus I love its design features and extras such as self driving and a fun one being the Ludicrous plus mode!

My favourite holiday destination

I love exploring, so anywhere new to me that screams activity with my family as I really enjoy keeping fit and there is something for everyone. To some that might not be a holiday but to me it’s the best holiday ever.

My gadget I can’t live without

The Pelaton bike. It’s a great way to work out and you become part of a fitness community. It has revolutionised the way I work out at home.

Georgia started Douvall’s 10 years ago with her mother Alicia when they discovered the incredible results argan oil had on their skin

My go to fashion brand

LuLu Lemon for exercise clothes. Hunter and Camick for Wellies and boots. I like luxury brands because I believe their quality is an investment which will last you a lifetime. I also love to buy vintage, retro and vegan clothing.

My airline of choice

I used to fly with anyone but now I like sticking to American Airlines as its more beneficial for earning points with them. The upgrade perks can be great and they offer vegan meals that I need.

My favourite watch brand

For functionality I like to use a fitness watch but for style I would choose Cluse. I prefer watches that are light and more like jewellery for evenings and weekends.

My favourite restaurant

Crockers in Tring and Nobu in London are a couple of my personal favourites. However I always like to try new places that offer an experience such as Dans le noir which I tried recently. It was an amazing experience and really puts into perspective how much I take my vision for granted.

Douvall’s is a premium argan oil skincare range

My guilty pleasure

Booji Booji vegan chocolate and Kombucha! They’re super tasty and healthy so you don’t feel so guilty.

My favourite way to give back

I love visiting the women’s co-operative we work with in Morocco and seeing how they are growing. We also work with the Haven breast cancer charity who offer a holistic approach to recovery. Another way we like to give back is taking in rescue dogs who need a kind family home.