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Javed Khan

The Luxury Lifestyle List: Javed Khan, entrepreneur, trader and founder of JKMT

By LLM Reporters on 30th June 2020

We caught up with Javed Khan, who broke started off as a Domino’s pizza delivery boy, but is now a leading Dubai-based entrepreneur, trader and founder of JKMT.

My car of choice

My first car was an Audi as I was young and excited I thought it was the best car in the world for me. Then I moved to Dubai and decided to upgrade – my car of choice, for now, is currently my Bentley Continental GT.

My favourite holiday destination

It was Dubai, until I moved here. Besides this place, I love Miami too. I think it’s the creativity, the sense of adventure, and people going after their dreams – it’s a far cry from Hackney but coming from East London I really value having such travel opportunities now.

Javed Khan

My gadget I can’t live without

My phone plays a huge part in my life as it means I never have to miss an opportunity because I can reactively trade on it from anywhere and keep my clients up to date on live opportunities via What’s App. It also connects me to friends and family across the world.

My go to fashion brand

For sure, Balmain. The brand suits my personality in being able to gel in different environments and crowds. When it’s business only, I look the part with the smart wear, when I’m feeling casual or just seeing friends, the tracksuits will do just fine!

My airline of choice

Always Emirates! Regular business class flights between UK and Dubai keep me connected to my friends and family and this doesn’t feel like a long journey anymore. I love the freedom of flying and it’s an experience I really enjoy knowing this was out of reach for me only two years ago.

My favourite watch brand

Swiss Audemars Piguet – it suits whatever outfits I decide to wear on any given day. I have a saying when I’m around my friends when I have the watch on, the logo is AP, which stands for “Always Paid”.

Javed Sofa

My favourite restaurant

Meat Co, the steaks there are amazing! Not only the vibe of the place, but indulging in good food with business partners or friends and family, it allows me the time to socialise and get things done whilst having great food!

My guilty pleasure

Cancelling plans because ‘I’m ill’… when really I want to stay at home and focus on my work. I know this is a really bad trait from the workaholic in me but sometimes that’s all I want to do – I’m so sorry to my friends that are seeing this!

My favourite way to give back

I give back a percentage of my earnings each year to the poor in third world countries directly cutting out the middleman to ensure the money gets put to good use. I love helping my friends and family – flying them out to see me and helping them have a better quality of life.

Follow Javed on Instagram at: javed_jkmt