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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Madeleine Thompson, luxury fashion designer

By LLM Reporters  |  March 13, 2020

We caught up with Madeleine Thompson, fashion designer and founder of luxury knitwear brand Madeleine Thompson.

My car of choice

I’m not really a ‘car person’ as such but I do like to put my foot down and I have 3 kids so I like our Audi Q7 as it’s a beast of a car as well as being is pretty nippy.

My favourite holiday destination

Ohh that’s a hard one. For hot weather I adore a Phuket and Sri Lanka as the beaches are beautiful and the food and people are wonderful. Sri Lanka’s beaches are more wild and Phuket is your typical blue water white sand paradise. We went to Paxos last year and totally fell in love with it; the water is simply unbelievable and the vibe on the island is really special.

Madeleine is a 39-year-old fashion designer who lives between London and Hong Kong

My gadget I can’t live without

My Apple iPhone hands down! I literally do everything on it. I used to not use it for my runs but now I am addicted to podcasts and I’ve discovered Strava so I’ve got it even when I’m keeping fit! I make sure it’s off in the evening though and charge it outside my bedroom.

My go to fashion brand

Apart from Madeleine Thompson cashmere obviously! Full disclosure: I adore clothes. Just wanted to make that clear! I really love SEA NY as they have consistently made clothes within their own wonderful vision and I have worn them for a long time. It’s rare for a brand to have floaty dresses and excellent jumpsuits. 

My airline of choice

Cathay Pacific is a wonderful airline with very good service, comfy seats and flies most places in the world from Hong Kong and the UK. 

My favourite watch brand

I have had a Cartier watch since my early 20’s and they are so chic and reliable. You won’t believe this but I stupidly took mine off today on my run and put it in my bum bag on my run and it dropped out! I retraced my steps and found it but that was quite tense.

Madeleine Thompson
Madeleine is the founder of luxury knitwear brand Madeleine Thompson

My favourite restaurant

The River Cafe is the best restaurant in the world hands down I would say. Every dish is made of the best ingredients cooked perfectly and simply. I go whenever I’m in London. Right now in Hong Kong I am loving Petite Maison as it’s such a beautiful appointed room with the best dishes and a great vibe.

My guilty pleasure

Honestly I could easily eat a whole tub of ice cream and it wouldn’t even touch the sides. And don’t get me started on cheese. I think it would have to be cheese as I just can’t live without it! I know there is a massive vegan movement or non-dairy but I always come back to cheese!

My favourite way to give back

I have lots of friends who do lots of work with different charities so I always try and donate to them yearly. I am also on the board of a wonderful Hong Kong based charity which helps visually impaired children. I am a strong believer that you should do whatever you can whenever you can and just do your best.