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Naomi Sesay

The Luxury Lifestyle List: Naomi Sesay, on screen diversity executive, public speaker, TV producer and entrepreneur

By LLM Reporters on 9th July 2020

We caught up with Naomi Sesay, on screen diversity executive, public speaker, TV producer/director and entrepreneur. She has also recently created Swiipe Wealth, an online wealth creation course dedicated to budding entrepreneurs aiming for financial freedom.

My car of choice

I have several cars that I have my eye on but I think at the top of the list is a Bentley Bentayga. But then again, I keep thinking of the planet so maybe it will be a Tesla, but after the Bentley!

My favourite holiday destination

I absolutely love travelling and as soon as I can I will do a deep dive into the world. So far, my favourite destination has been Fiji; the fragrance, the food, the Pacific!

My gadget I can’t live without

I first I thought it was my phone but my kids tell me it’s my computer. To be honest, I could leave my phone behind and only panic for 10 minutes, if I left my computer behind, I think I would die.

Naomi Sesay

My go to fashion brand

It used to be Karen Millen but now it’s whatever I feel comfortable in or whether I have a speaking engagement. I have a tailored type figure so regular clothes are ill-fitting on me.

My airline of choice

Definitely Virgin Atlantic. I think the red uniform makes me feel like I am going somewhere special even if it’s just going to New York to visit my family.

My favourite watch brand

I don’t live by time so I don’t wear a watch. However, I do have 15 watches from all different types of brands which I no longer wear. My current sports watch is an Apple watch which I sometimes forget to wear.

Naomi Sesay

My favourite restaurant

I am a big foodie, but I find it difficult to find a restaurant that is my favourite. However, my favourite food of the day is any Afro vegan food.

My guilty pleasure

I have many, but a constant is buying ridiculously expensive handbags and perfumes.

My favourite way to give back

A constant favourite way is actually building schools in Sierra Leone and showing people in the UK a roadmap to financial freedom.

Swiipe Wealth launches in November 2020 with a kick off session in late October. To know more, sign up on the waiting list.