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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Oliver Proudlock, fashion entrepreneur and founder of Serge DeNimes

By LLM Reporters  |  March 2, 2020

We caught up with Oliver Proudlock, fashion entrepreneur and founder of Serge DeNimes.

My car of choice

Porsche 911 3.2 Speedster – I’ve always been a fan of Porsche, and if I had to pick one from their range it would be this puppy for sure, in either all black or silver metallic. Although it’s not the most practical for an everyday whip around, it’s very rare and extremely sexy. A car you would take out for a treat on a fine weather weekend.

My favourite holiday destination

Harbour Island, Bahamas. My mum now lives here, and it was our family holiday while growing up so it has almost become a second home. The island is only three and a half miles long by half a mile wide, and holds one of the most beautiful pink sand beaches I have ever seen. There is so much and so little to do on the island making it the perfect escape. It is also filled with the most warm and welcoming people who have now become close friends of our family.

Imnage credit: Adam Spear

My gadget I can’t live without

My iPhone 11 Pro Max – as an entrepreneur and creative I am constantly taking photos and videos of my surroundings. I also want to stay in touch with the creative community I have built over the years on social media and on my jewellery brand, Serge DeNimes online site and blog. It is very important to me to stay on the beat with everything I do and this phone allows me to do all of the above, and more, at the highest standard. Without it I am completely lost.

My go to fashion brand

Hard to pick one, but for great quality essentials I love American Vintage. The older I get the more I want to fill my wardrobe with clean, unbranded pieces made from beautiful materials. They are my go-to for t-shirts, sweats and jackets. If I could pick more than one, Ralph Lauren for a bit of everything, Puma for sport and Mackage for outerwear are also on the top of my list.

My airline of choice

Emirates, especially for long-haul flights. Their staff are epic, the food is strong and the fit of their vessels are always on point. I’ve yet to have a bad experience with them.

My favourite watch brand

Rolex. It’s a brand that I have loved since I was a child. Classic, beautiful, and always reliable, I love the Oyster Day Date, which I have in all gold. But my favourite watch is my Oysterquartz President Gold Day Date with a walnut dial, it has a vintage look with an added rarity through the dial.

Image credit: Adam Fussell

My favourite restaurant

Bob Bob Ricard. I don’t go there often and save it for special occasions. The main reason it is my favourite is because I had my first date there with my now fiance, and ever since it has been our special spot. For me, it is an all-round player, with great ambience, food, drinks and service and I highly recommend the cucumber martinis and the beef wellington.

My guilty pleasure

Sake. So much so that I became a partner in a sake company at the beginning of 2019, called Four Fox Sake. It was always a drink I bonded over with my dad growing up whenever we would meet for dinner at one of our favourite sushi spots. As my palate has matured over time, so has my love for sake and, although some might see it as a guilty pleasure, it is Low-ABV, so not so bad!

My favourite way to give back

I have been an ambassador of the British Heart Foundation for about five years now, a charity that has a strong connection through experiences I have shared with my family. I have done various challenges for the charity over the years like the London marathon, while also hosting events, donating clothes and trying to raise money as much money as I can for them. It’s a partnership that I really cherish, and hope to grow and maintain over the years.

Image credit at the very top of the article: Adam Spear