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Sian Marie

The Luxury Lifestyle List: Sian Gabbidon, British fashion designer and founder of swimwear brand Sian Marie

By LLM Reporters on 16th June 2020

We caught up with Sian Gabbidon, British fashion designer and founder of Sian Marie, a swim and loungewear label celebrating the female form at its most powerful.

My car of choice

Bentley Continental GT, white with black wheels – comfortable drive, big chunky wheels and cosy leather seats, with the most beautiful interior design. I like a big statement car with a big engine!

My favourite holiday destination

It’s hard to pick one, but if I’m going for a busy trip I’d say Miami. I’ve visited a few times and recently stayed at the FontaineBleau which was a beautiful hotel. The restaurants, the nightlife, the glitz and glam – I love it. Although a nice chilled out holiday is also an essential when running a business and I hope to visit the Maldives very soon!

Sian Marie

My gadget I can’t live without

This has to be my iPhone. It’s everything in one! I can work from my mobile, catch up with friends, flick through memories in my photo albums, listen to music. It’s a bit of a lifeline, although some Sundays it’s nice to have a no phone day, I think it’s important to reconnect with real life too.

My go to fashion brand

Sian Marie of course! I live in my loungewear and love oversized fits. But as you’ll know from The Apprentice I also love a good suit, Reiss is one of my favourite brands for good fitting, high quality women’s suits.

My airline of choice

Emirates is definitely my airline of choice. I’ve travelled with Emirates on multiple occasions whilst flying long haul and every detail is always immaculate, with a top level of service, comfortable seating and fab customer service.

My favourite watch brand

I’d say Cartier. Timeless, elegant and understated with classic designs but not too fussy or in your face – perfect for dressy occasions or as a finishing touch for business affairs.

My favourite restaurant

Eden Roc Restaurant, South of France. Not only does it have the most amazing cuisine from steaks (my fave) to fresh seafood, but the views are stunning as its positioned on the French Riviera and you can sit right on the water front. It’s like a scene from a film – very romantic.

My guilty pleasure

Watching The Office US. I love it! And that’s the first time I’ve admitted it. I think Steve Carell is hilarious and the characters are so relatable to an office setting. I’ve still got a few series left to watch.

My favourite way to give back

Helping offer advice and guidance to young individuals who need help, careers advice or startup advice. I like to use my platform and social pages to offer guidance as I know from my own experiences how difficult it is when you’re unsure of what to do next or how to shape your career.