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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Tom Claeren, leading film director and social media influencer

By LLM Reporters  |  February 25, 2021
Tom Claeren

We caught up with Tom Claeren, one of Monaco’s most sought-after film directors and social media influencers in the world of luxury. Tom has become synonymous around the globe with high level content creation, photo shooting and film production. He was even nicknamed ‘Monaco’s Face of Luxury’ by Forbes in 2019.

My car of choice

Talking about cars and looking at various driving experiences I had the chance to have, it would be difficult to choose a particular car. Also, because I love the feeling of a classic car, and also the power and speed of the modern supercars, I would select two different models.

I would pick the timeless classic Porsche 550 Spyder for a ride around Monaco. Since I was younger, I have always been dreaming about Aston Martin as a brand and I would pick the DBS Superleggera as the modern supercar – the sound of its V12, its power, versatility – I loved driving it.

My favourite holiday destination

Again, it’s a hard pick, there’s so much beauty around the globe. I am not really a holiday guy, I love travelling while creating and producing content at the same time, which always keeps me busy.

One location I always recommend though, and where we shot a short film, is Iceland. The landscapes are incredible, you can feel the power of nature, the beauty of our environment there, and it’s a place where you can totally disconnect.

Tom Claeren
Image credit: Tom Claeren

My gadget I can’t live without

I guess we can live without any gadget, however in today’s world and because my work is linked to digital and social media presence, well my smartphone is what I what I use the most to keep track of work, being in touch with my socials, etc.

My go to fashion brand

I like brands offering a sense of class, of course, with some suit styles and tuxedos as I love wearing them. Dolce and Gabbana is interesting as you can go very classy or choose something fancier with an original twist.

My airline of choice

Emirates Airline is definitely a great one, the crew pays attention to every detail, and the service is great. I’ve been travelling more recently to the Middle East so this could impact my choice here.

My favourite watch brand

It’s a watch brand I’ve discovered quite recently and it’s called Rebellion Timepieces. I like the idea that they take inspiration from the racing world, getting their designs inspired by automotive, using materials like forged carbon, titanium and, of course, gold. Handmade in Switzerland they propose unique complications and limited editions, which is interesting to stand out with something different from the brands everyone knows.

Image credit: Tom Claeren

My favourite restaurant

My favourite restaurant is in Monaco and is called Gaia. Located right next to the Casino de Monte-Carlo, it’s a Greek cuisine restaurant with super tasty and fresh food where I like to order various dishes to be shared with friends. My diet is almost 100 per cent vegetarian (I go for some fish from time to time) and there’s a great choice of salads and vegetables at Gaia. You want to know my favourite dish? Share a plate of their Truffle Rigatoni, you will thank me later.

My guilty pleasure

Lighting a cigar with a nice glass of whisky with a friend and losing track of time while chatting about anything. Not so guilty these days though with all the current restrictions.

My favourite way to give back

Sharing my experiences with younger generations at school. I was recently invited to give some masterclasses in communication and at cinema schools and it was amazing to chat with students, answer questions about their choices for the future, share information about my journey, and help them with advice.