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The Luxury Lifestyle List: Victor Momoh, entrepreneur, actor and award-winning model

By LLM Reporters  |  September 21, 2020

We caught up with Victor Momoh, also known as VM The Model, a London based entrepreneur, actor and award-winning model. With over 10 years of experience in the modelling industry, Victor has a professional portfolio full of brands he has worked with, such as Adidas, Lynx, Carlsberg, NatWest Bank, Iceland and Heat Magazine. He also appeared in Olly Murs’ artwork for his newest single in OK Magazine and has acting experience from being in the world-known film Fast and Furious 6.

My car of choice

This question is one of the most difficult questions you could possibly ask a guy! Currently I would go for a Nissan GTR and then in my later years I would settle for a luxury-looking Benz.

My favourite holiday destination

Sierra Leone would be one of my favourite holiday destinations because it has a lot of hidden gems which many tourists don’t know about yet! West African countries have some of the most beautiful sandy beaches one could think of.

Victor Momoh

My gadget I can’t live without

The more simple and beneficial a gadget is, the more I like it. Tech-wise I would have to say a Casio Touch Solar G-shock watch, the band 6 edition, in black, simply because of its multi-purpose built-in functionality such as various time zones, durability, usability.

My go to fashion brand

This is a simple one! Adidas, all day long. Adidas has been a major part of my teenage and adult life, especially when I used to play football semi-pro. The brand motivates me to do better in life, “impossible is nothing” is a slogan I live and breathe it on a daily basis. When you’re from my neck of the woods drawing strength and positive vibrations from the smallest atom around can work wonders in one’s mind and day.

My airline of choice

I would have to say British Airways. Their flights are normally smooth, they have great customer service and it’s an all-round good experience with them.

My favourite watch brand

A rose gold or yellow gold Rolex day date, one from about 20 to 30 years ago! Thinking about it is making my senses tingle.

Victor Momoh

My favourite restaurant

Every so often I do visit one or two shisha and cocktail lounges near Tower Bridge in London and along Edgware Road. In regards to a favourite restaurant, a west African cuisine that serves jollof rice with stew, steamed salmon accompanied with plantain, if I am to keep it humble, but if am allowed to feel at home at the restaurant I would settle for a pounded yam with freshly made egusi soup with fried or steamed fish and a glass of cold water. This particular meal can be eaten with cutlery but the traditional way is to wash your hands and eat with them, a prime definition of West African soul meal.

My guilty pleasure

This would have to be a day spent under the duvet, with a tub of ice-cream whilst watching good films.

My favourite way to give back

My favourite way to give back is to serve the public with all the businesses I’m involved with. I have a saying which I tend to remind myself of all the time; “it is better to give than to receive”.