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5 interesting cruise excursions in Europe

By LLM Reporters on 25th September 2019

If you’ve never experienced the decadence, endless food, drinks, entertainment and beautiful places to visit that only a cruise can offer then you really should think about booking one now.

Cruises come with all the relaxation or excitement you desire, unwind from a busy year in the spa or fulfil your quest for adrenaline filled adventure with the array of activities, and that is before you’ve even left the ship. Ocean views and sunsets during the cruise offer some breathtaking memories and you really can make it any type of holiday you wish, but the real highlights are waiting for you on land.

Cruise excursions serve as a way to explore and admire the uniqueness of various cities and towns within the, often limited, time you have there. They allow travellers to admire the local beauty of the differing destinations, either through a guided cruise tour or an unguided excursion. The independent booking platform for cruise excursions My Cruise Excursion offers both. With their guided tours you can take the luxury from the ship with you to the land; all tours are focused on cruise guests and take place in small groups (often just 6 to 12 people) with local experienced guides, and you always have the option of a private excursion, which can be booked on request.

Europe is rich in history, culture and blessed with beautiful landscapes, picturesque port cities and metropolises, which invite you to explore and immerse yourself in. Cruises in the Mediterranean are a classic choice for the summer months with the foundation for modern cruises in Europe laid in the Western Mediterranean. With so much to see and do it is difficult to know where to begin so we’ve put together five excursion highlights for your next cruise in Europe.



Named ‘Miami of the Mediterranean’, Barcelona’s port is the largest cruise port in Europe and the sixth largest in the world. Being one of most important in the Western Mediterranean and, it is run by almost all cruise lines and visitors often flock to the historic Old Town, Barcelona Cathedral, Gothic Quarter and picturesque church of Santa Maria del Pi.

Cruise Excursion recommendation:

Glide into the sky by helicopter and enjoy indescribable views of Port Vell, La Barceloneta, the Olympic Port, the Olympic Village, the mouth of Besòs and much more. Sail along the coast and get a wonderful panoramic view of the skyline of the city and the glorious Mediterranean Sea.

Cruise excursions in Barcelona



Catania is a popular cruise stop which extends your travel cravings by treating you with breathtaking volcanic mountains to heart-warming heritage cities. When on a cruise to Sicily, Catania is a must-visit city and is located at the foot of Mount Etna.

This city doesn’t restrict one’s ability to explore – whether you are a fan of mythology and history, or an admirer of relaxing walks, Catania is the destination. Mount Etna, the largest and most active volcano, has its own taste of scenery, Taormina takes you back into time by showing you its impressive Greek amphitheaters, while The Old Town of Catania is a perfect place to stroll around the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cruise Excursion recommendation:

Make your excursion exciting and adventurous with a drive in a Hummer through the Etna Natural park and enjoy great views of the spectacular volcanic landscapes. In addition, get served with a delightful 3 course menu of the island’s seasonal delights at 1500m altitude.

Cruise excursion in Catania



How exciting would it sound if we told you that you could visit the world’s northernmost city and still experience the perfect and desirable temperatures? Well, Longyearbyen (The capital of Spitsbergen) is your excitement quencher. Averaging between -13C and 7C, which you may not expect from a location like that, this city is a perfect epitome of a fairytale where reindeer roam on roads and there are snowmobiles aplenty.

Worthwhile places to visit in this city are the Galleri Svalbard, Svalbard Museum and North Pole Expedition Museum. All these places provide you with interesting and important information about the history, the mining practice and the survival techniques of the species in the city. While exploring such interesting history and knowledge, if you are the one who enjoys a serene view of the Arctic, then Longyearbyen is your destination.

Cruise Excursion recommendation:

Dive into the landscape and wildlife of the Arctic fjords and visit the old Russian mining town of Barentsburg and the historic Isfjord Radio, the last stop off Greenland, during a boat safari. It is recommended that you explore this city with guides as the conditions around the city can get dangerous for travellers.

Cruise excursion in Longyearbyen

La Palma

La palma

Also called as “La Isla Bonita” (The Beautiful Island); La Palma, is a Spanish island which ticks off your nature loving and adventure bucket list while pleasing your inner child by taking you into outer space. Taburiente National Park of Caldera offers a spectacular nature experience with its post volcanic eruption ruins, while providing you with an adventurous hike through the flora and fauna of the park. Roque de los Muchachos, which is located at the highest elevation in La Palma unleashes your inner kid by showing you some of the breathtaking views of the galaxy through its Astronomical Observatory. As well as these unique experiences, this city provides you with diverse shopping stores and colourful towns.

Cruise excursion recommendation:

Experience the most impressive viewpoints of the island with the local culture, enjoy the fascinating lava fields with local specialities and three different wines at Aridane valley.

Cruise excursions in La Palma



Tromsø is an ultimate excursion package, which satisfies the needs of every type of traveller. It is a magical nature spectacle, which enhances your travel experience by providing you with its amazingly diverse wildlife, colorful Northern Lights and marine experiences. It is one place where dark is considered bliss. Some of the highlight tourist experiences in Tromsø include Arctic Cathedral, Polar Museum, Botanical Garden, Tromsø Museum and The Northern Lights. It bears the advantage of one the unique places which doesn’t back away from surprising its tourists every time of the year.

Cruise Excursion recommendation:

Whether you prefer mountain hiking or comfortable sightseeing, you can opt for either. In the modern luxurious car with electric drive and generous windows, you will have an incomparable panoramic view. Let yourself be enchanted by the special atmosphere of Norway’s fjord world and enjoy a tour tailor-made for you, focusing either on the hike or the leisurely fjord excursion.

Cruise excursions in Tromsø