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5 luxury casinos you need to visit at least once in your lifetime

If you’re wondering which luxury casinos to add to your bucket list, then these are the five that every gambling enthusiast should seek to visit in their lifetime – handpicked by the experts at

By LLM Reporters  |  April 5, 2022
The Caesars Palace hotel and casino on April 13 2016 in Las Vegas
Image Credit: kobby_dagan/

From the lavish opulence of Monaco to the fast-paced and bright lights of Vegas, the world is filled with exciting destinations that are certain to keep casino enthusiasts and high-rollers entertained while offering a luxurious getaway experience, too. But while there’s no denying that Sin City has its fair share of modern gambling spots and that a growing number of nations have something to offer those who are fond of a little poker, roulette or blackjack, not all casino destinations have been created equal.

We all have a bucket list, and for the casino lover, some of the biggest items to tick off include spinning the wheel or throwing some dice at some of the most opulent gambling venues in the world. While some have a long, rich history behind them, others are worthy of their status simply because of their extravagance – but the most sought-after casinos in the world all have one thing in common, and that’s the unrivalled experience they offer from start to finish.

If you’re wondering which luxury casinos to add to your bucket list, then these are the five that every gambling enthusiast should seek to visit in their lifetime – handpicked by the experts at, the leading online casino in the UK.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

Casino de Monte-Carlo
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A visit to Monaco’s Monte-Carlo Casino – still one of the most opulent casinos in the world – will no doubt evoke memories of the James Bond films it inspired, and which featured several scenes shot within the venue itself.

The present casino structure was created during the Belle Epoque period – something that is clearly reflected in the design. Casinos aren’t just places where you can indulge in a spot of gambling, and will also make you feel as if you’ve stepped into a fantasy world of sophistication and grandeur. A playground for the rich and famous, Casino de Monte-Carlo’s unrivalled ambience cannot be replicated in an online casino – this is an experience you can only get by visiting first-hand.

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace
Image credit: ehrlif/

Over the course of its fifty-year existence, Caesars Palace has hosted some of the most memorable nights in Las Vegas’s entertainment history, and its Roman-inspired architecture has contributed significantly to the establishment’s Ancient Roman concept.

The resort complex looms above Las Vegas, with its architectural style based on that of Rome’s most renowned ruler. Although the legitimacy of Caesars Palace is questioned at times, it is certain that the casino, both inside and out, is one of the most stunning and unforgettable in the world, and with a vast array of both modern and traditional table games and slots, it remains a must-visit for the world’s high-rollers.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands
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This show-stopping $5.5 billion Singapore resort is certainly one of a kind from an architectural standpoint, comprising a trio of tower buildings that support a single sky-high entertainment complex. Home to an open-air area, vibrant cocktail bar and one of the world’s most iconic infinity pools, it attracts an affluent crowd throughout the year – and it’s easy to see why it has fast become known as one of the most opulent casino resorts globally.

When you see it in person, the Marina Bay Sands casino resort looks almost like a giant ocean liner that is being held up by a series of enormous clothes pegs, making for a unique sight that punctuates the spectacular Singapore skyline in the most stylish of ways. Inside, the vibe is just as sophisticated, with casino enthusiasts from numerous different countries coming together around the roulette wheel or at the poker table for a nail-biting game featuring some eye-watering wagers, and of course, the chance to win big, too.

The Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau
Image credit: bennymarty/

Despite the fact that the Venetian in Las Vegas is an iconic and much-loved casino, it pales in comparison to the Venetian in Macau. This special administrative region of China has well and truly dethroned Sin City as the gambling capital of the world, making it its business to do everything bigger and better and becoming synonymous with extravagance around the world – and its swathe of luxury casino resorts are unrivalled.

While both of the Venetian’s resorts have been modelled on the unique Italian city of Venice, replete with canals and colourful facades and not without the odd gondola meandering past, the Macau iteration offers more opulent suites (3,000 to be exact) and a greater array of fine dining eateries to choose from, as well as a sprawling casino with over 550,000 square feet of gaming space with 800 gaming tables and 3,400 slot machines.

Even though the Venetian lacks the old-world charm that Italy’s real floating city offers, anybody searching for modern luxury on their casino getaway will be more than satisfied here, and it’s a great place to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Les Ambassadeurs Club

Nicknamed ‘Les A’, Les Ambassadeurs Club is widely regarded as one of the most exclusive casinos in all of London, with one of the most sought-after memberships on the planet. Throughout history, Les A has been by frequented by leading royals, politicians, celebrities and the super rich.

At Les A, you will find a stunning gaming floor with a 19th century feel to it, exquisite private gambling rooms, a classically elegant library and truly word class fine dining. By setting foot inside No.5 Hamilton Place in Mayfair, you’ll immediately be immersed in a setting overflowing with the best of British heritage.

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